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8/9/2018 - Congrats to Jesse, Liang, and Gabe! Their paper on the asymmetric synthesis of tertiary boronic esters was published on ACIE. You can find it here

6/20/2018 - Congrats to Emma, Andy, and Max for your publication on stereospecific amination of boronic esters! You can find it here

4/20/2018 - Congrats Emma for defending your thesis as well! Dr. Edelstein will commence work at Merck shortly.

4/16/2018 - Congratulations Adam for successfully defending your thesis! Dr. Szymaniak will begin work at Enanta Pharmaceuticals in the coming weeks.

4/15/2018 - Congratulations to our awesome undergraduates: Max Palkowitz received the 2018 ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award, and Andi Grote was elected Phi Beta Kappa. Well done!

4/9/2018 - Xun's synthesis of Arenolide is now on Org. Lett.! You can find it here

3/14/2018 - Lu and Yan's paper was accepted to JACS! Congrats ! Check it out here

3/14/2018 - Adam and Chenlong's paper was accepted into ACS catalysis! Good job guys! Check it out here

1/12/2018 - Congrats Xun for defending your thesis! Dr. Liu will be commencing work at Incyte.

1/5/2018 - The Morken group welcomes its new first year graduate students - Alex, Peilin, Weipeng!

11/8/2017 - Gabe's paper was accepted to JACS! Congrats! Check it out here

10/18/2017 - Gabe gave a great talk and Matteo and Lu gave awesome posters at the BSOBC - great job guys!

7/25/2017 - Matteo and Marshall's paper was accepted to ACIE! Congrats guys! Check it out here.

7/17/2017 - Xun's paper was accepted to ACIE and was named a VIP! Congrats! Find it here.

5/19/2017 - Congrats to Dr. Liang Zhang for successfully defending his PhD! Dr. Zhang is off to MIT next month to start a postdoc in the Buchwald Lab.

3/28/2017 - Big congratulations to our undergrad Max Palkowitz for receiving an ACS Division of Organic Chemistry SURF Award

3/27/2017 - Congrats to Emma and Sheila on their new paper in JACS! Find it here

2/6/2017 - Gabe and Mark's paper was accepted to JACS! Check it out here

1/20/2017 - Congrats to Meredith for successfully defending her PhD! We wish Dr. Eno good luck as she starts her new job at EMD-Serono

1/3/2017 - The Morken lab welcomes our new first year graduate students - Qifan, Chris, and Chenlong - Welcome to the lab!

10/24/2016 - We wish Jason good luck as he starts his new job at Astra Zeneca - We'll miss you!

7/15/2016 - the Morken Lab welcomes our new undergraduate student Oliver Grella - Welcome to the lab Oliver

7/15/2016 - Bo started his job at BAE Systems - Congrats Bo!

6/17/2016 - Congrats to Bo and Emma - their paper was accepted to Org Lett! Find it here

6/7/2016 - Meredith and Alex's paper was accepted to JACS - Congrats guys! Check it out here

6/2/2016 - Congrats to Matteo, Gabe, Lu, and Max for passing their oral exams!

2/9/2016 - Lichao and Lu's carbohydrate catalyzed enantioselective alkene diboration paper was accepted to JACS - Congrats!

1/2016 - The conjunctive cross coupling paper was highlighted in C&E - Take a look here.

1/14/2016 - Ryan's minireview is out in Angewandte! Check it out here.

1/1/2016 - Congrats to Liang, Gabe, Emma, Adam, and Matteo for their new paper in Science! Check it out here. Also take a look at the perspective written about it here.

12/9/2015 - The Morken group welcomes our new first year Graduate Students: Mark, Marshall, Yan, Jesse, and Sheila - Congrats guys!

10/30/2015 - Congrats to Lichao for getting a job at Novartis in Shanghai - We'll miss you!

10/29/2015 - Meredith gave an awesome talk at the BSOBC - Way to go Mere!

10/12/2015 - Lu won the poster competition at the BC Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium - Congrats Lu!

10/2015 - The Morken lab welcomes our new postdoc Jason Shields from the Doyle lab at Princeton

08/08/2015 - Morken group alumni, Dr. Josh Sieber, gives the BC Boehringer-Ingelheim lecture along with Prof. Jinquan Yu of Scripps. Awesome talk Josh!

08/2015 - Tom's hydroxyl directed cross-coupling is now one of JACS most read articles - Congrats again!

07/2015 - Congrats to Aly for starting her job at GlobalData in Burlington, MA

06/2015 - Tom's hydroxyl directed cross-coupling paper was accepted to JACS - Congrats!

06/2015 - Emma and Adam passed orals! Congratulations!

06/2015 - Zhiyong, Meredith, and Aly's AHF was accepted to Org Lett - Congrats!

06/2015 - Zhiyong's synthesis of Discodermolide was recently highlighted - check it out

06/2015 - Congrats to Tom for successfully defending his PhD. Dr. Blaisdell will be starting a position at Enanta this July in Watertown, MA

05/2015 - Congrats to Ryan for successfully defending his PhD. Dr. Coombs will be starting a position at BMS this July in New Jersey



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