Publications (Books, Articles and Chapters, Reviews, Interviews and Short Pieces), Forthcoming Works, and Works in progress:


Knowing the Spirit, by Nur Ali Elahi.  Introduction and annotated translation of his Kitāb Ma‘rifat ar-Rūh (Albany, SUNY Press, 2007).

The Reflective Heart: Discovering Spiritual Intelligence in Ibn ‘Arabī’s ‘Meccan Illuminations’. Louisville, Fons Vitae, 2005.  (Indonesian, Turkish, Persian, and Bosnian translations in preparation.)

Orientations: Islamic Thought in a World Civilisation.  London, Archetype Press, 2004.  (Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and French translations in preparation).

Yonelimler: Bir Dunya MedeniyetindeIslam Dusuncesi.  Istanbul, Insan yayinlari [Humanities Press], 2006. (Turkish translation by Prof. M. Kiliç.)

Sufi-Sufi Merajut Peradaban. Jakarta, Forum Sebangsa, 2003.  (Indonesian translation by B. Harun.)

 Orientacije: Islamska Misao u Svjetskoj Civilizaciji.  Sarajevo, El-Kalem, 2002 (Serbo-Croatian translation of earlier version, by Professors H. N. Kahteran, R. Hafizović, A. Silajdžić.)

Ibn ‘Arabī: The Meccan Revelations (co-author with W. Chittick).  New York, Pir Press, 2002.

The Master and the Disciple: An Early Islamic Spiritual Dialogue, Arabic critical edition and English translation and Introduction to Ja‘far b. Mansūr al-Yaman's Kitāb al-‘ālim wa’l-ghulām.  London and New York, IIS/I. B. Tauris Publishers, 2001.

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Kearifan Puncak, Hikmah al-Arsyiah. Yogyakarta, Pustaka Pelajar, 2001.  (Indonesian translation by D. Mahayana and Ir. Dedi Djunaidi; introduction by Dr. Jalaluddin Rahmat.)

Prestol’naia mudrost’.  Moscow, Vostochnaia literatura, 2004.  (Russian version by Yanis Eshots.)

Web-based Volumes (free for downloading): 

Almost all of Prof. Morris’s publications are now available  directly in downloadable and searchable .pdf format at

Ibn ‘Arabī and His Interpreters: Historical Contexts and Contemporary Perspectives, 226 pages.  Collection of more than thirty monographs, shorter articles and related reviews, freely downloadable in .pdf format at .

Ibn ‘Arabī on Spiritual Practice (and related translations), 173 pages.  Collection of ten articles and translations (some previously published; others to appear in new volumes in preparation), freely downloadable in .pdf format at /IbnArabi.

Books  FORTHCOMING (for publication 2008-2009):

Openings: From the Qur’an to the Islamic Humanities.

IbnArabī's ‘Divine Comedy’: Eschatologyand Spiritual Realisation in the ‘Meccan Illuminations.’

Découvrant la ‘comédie divine’: Eschatologie et réalisation spirituelle dans la pensée d’Ibn ‘Arabī.   (Book-length version of series of public lectures as visiting professor at l’Ecole Pratique des Hautes études ; in preparation for Harmattan, Paris, séries: ‘Logique des Spiritualités’.)


Exploring Spirituality Through Film: A Practical Handbook.  An introductory guide outlining ways to use selected feature films to help students of all ages to discover the spiritual dimensions of life, in conjunction with scriptures and classical texts from the Abrahamic traditions.

Paths to the Real: Freedom, Creativity, Diversity and Tolerance in Ibn ‘Arabī’s Political/Religious Philosophy.  A survey of the comprehensive system of ethical, spiritual and religious thought which for centuries supported and helped inspire the transformation of Islam into a world religion—and which today offers profound spiritual underpinnings for the creative construction of a multi-cultural, multi-religious global civilisation.

Elevations: Insight and Transformation in the ‘Meccan Illuminations’.   A study of the key practical spiritual themes of seeking, suffering, compassion and love that form the core of Ibn ‘Arabī’s masterpiece of spiritual guidance.

Hafez’ Lyrical Poetry as a ‘Persian Qur’an’: Foundations of the Islamic Humanities.  A pioneering analysis of the many ways the form and effects of Hafez’s ghazals consistently mirror the distinctive rhetorical, cosmological and eschatological structures of the Qur’an, illustrating the wider creative processes to be found in the Islamic humanities (visual arts, poetry, music and ritual processes) throughout the non-Arab Islamic world.

Between the Lines: An Introduction to Islamic Esotericism.  A volume of case-studies (translations plus analytical introductions) illustrating and explaining the basic features and underlying social and cultural assumptions of the procedures of esoteric writing and expression shared by all the major traditions of classical Islamic thought (philosophy, Sufism, Shiite thought, and classical hadith and ta’rîkh writers).

Spiritual Practice and the Spiritual Path: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Advice for the Seeker.   Commentary and explanation of several influential practical spiritual treatises, plus selected shorter chapters on this theme from the Futūhāt.

Muslim Pioneers in the Study of Religion: Farabi, Biruni, Ibn ‘Arabi, Rumi and Ostad Elahi.  A study of five key Islamic intellectual and spiritual figures whose distinctive creative approaches to the understanding of religious life together anticipated and illustrate the distinctive multi-perspectival approach to the different dimensions of religious life and experience followed in contemporary religious studies.


 Ostad Elahi and Hajji Ni‘mat: Master and Disciple, Father and Son. To appear in Tales of God’s Friends: Islamic Hagiography in Translation, ed. J. Renard.  Berkeley, U. of California Press, 2008.

An Arab “Machiavelli”? : Rhetoric, Philosophy and Politics in Ibn Khaldun’s Critique of Sufism.  To appear in Harvard Middle Eastern and Islamic Review, XI (2007) (special issue: proceedings of Harvard Ibn Khaldun Conference, ed. Roy Mottahedeh).

Islamic Studies and ‘Religious Education’ in UK Universities and Secondary Schools: Contrasts with Religious Studies in North America.  To appear in Actes de la session européenne: “Le fait religieux comme objet de savoir,” ed. J. Dubois, Paris, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, 2007.

The Mysteries of Ihsān: Natural Contemplation and the Spiritual Virtues in the Qur’an.  To appear (in Persian) in Kīmiyā’, 2007.

From Cordoba to Isfahan, and Beyond: Mulla Sadra, Ibn ‘Arabī and the Emerging Science of Spirituality.  To appear in Proceedings of the Isfahan Conference on Islamic Philosophy (‘Cordoba and Isfahan: Two Schools of Islamic Philosophy’), ed. H. Landolt and M. Mohaghegh (title and publisher t.b.a.), 2007.

Remembrance and Repetition: Qur'anic Foundations of Islamic Art.  To appear (in Persian) in Kīmiyā’, 2007.

Ibn ‘Arabī in the ‘Far West’: Spiritual Influences and the Science of Spirituality.  To appear in Journal of the History of Sufism, V (2007) (special issue: proceedings of Kyoto Conference on Ibn ‘Arabi’s Influences in Asia, ed. Y. Tonaga).

‘Second Readings’: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Futūhāt and the Renewal of Islamic Thought.  To appear in Proceedings of Ibn ‘Arabi Colloquium, Cordoba, 2007.

Encountering the Qur’an: Contexts and Approaches.  In Voices of Islamic Tradition, vol. I: Voices of Tradition, ed. V. J. Cornell, pp. 55-96.  Westport, CT, Praeger, 2007.

Spiritual Authority and Universal Revelation: Ibn ‘Arabi’s Reconception of the Foundations of Islamic ‘Law’.  In Islamic Philosophy and Theology: Critical Concepts in Islamic Thought, ed. I. Netton, vol. I, pp.    London, Routledge, 2007.

 From Ethics and Devotion to Spiritual Realisation: Ibn ‘Arabī on ‘What Is Indispensable For the Spiritual Seeker’.  Monograph, pp. viii + 37.   Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaysia, Centre for Cilisational Dialogue, 2007.

Freedoms and Responsibilities: Ibn ‘Arabī and the Political Dimensions of Spiritual Realisation.  In Journal of the Muhyiddīn Ibn ‘Arabī Society, Part I, vol. XXXVIII (2006), pp. 1-21; and Part II, vol. XXXIX (2006), pp. 85-110.

Civilization as Dialogue: Spirituality and Philosophy in Mullā Sadrā and Today.  In Mulla Sadra’s School and Western Philosophies: Papers Presented at the Second World Congress on Mulla Sadra, vol. I, ed. A. N. Bagershahi, Tehran, SIPRin, 2005, pp. 261-272.

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Mulla Sadrā’s Conception of the Barzakhand the Emerging Science of Spirituality: The Process of Realization (tahqīq).  In Islam-West Philosophical Dialogue (Papers Presented at the First World Congress on Mulla Sadra), Tehran, SIPRI Institute, 2005, vol. X, pp. 93-103.

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Understanding Religion and Inter-Religious Understanding: Four Classical Muslim Thinkers.  Monograph: Kuala Lumpur, Center for Civilisational Dialogue, 2003.

Rhetoric and Realisation in Ibn ‘Arabi: How Can We Communicate His Meanings Today?  In Ibn ‘Arabī and the World Today, ed. M. Mesbahi, pp. 62-77.  Rabat, Mohammed V University, 2003.

L’éveil de l’intelligence spirituelle et les dimensions du processus éthique selon Ostad Elahi.  Chapter 7, pp. 86-98, in Dieu a-t-il sa place dans l’éthique?, Paris, l’Harmattan, 2002.

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