ISTAC (International Islamic University of Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur, August 2008.  Visiting Professor...

Istanbul/Konya, Turkey, Marmara University, and Damascus, May 16-23, 2008, international conference on “Ibn ‘Arabi’s Contribution to Cultural and Religious Understanding.”  Invited public lecture: Keys to Understanding Ibn ‘Arabi’s Futūhāt.

—  Boston University, Institute for Muslim Civilization and Cultures, July 2-3, 2007.  Conference on “Mysticism and Monotheism”:  Islamic panel head; public lecture: Wilāya (divine Love and Friendship): Seven Key Dimensions of Islamic “Mysticism”.

—  United Nations (delegations of Turkey, Iran and Afghhanistan), New York, June 26, 2007.  Commemoration of 800th Anniversary of Jalaluddin Rumi: moderator and lecture on Peace and Conflict in Rumi’s Masnavi.

— Nour Foundation and University Club, New York, May 31, 2007.  Invited public lecture: Ostad Elahi on the Spiritual Dimensions of Everyday Life.

—  Istanbul and Konya, Turkey, UNESCO and Ministry of Culture, May 14-20, 2007.  International Conference for 800th anniversary of Jalaluddin Rumi.  Invited public lecture: Navigating the Sea of Love: The “Mystery of Destiny” (sirr al-qadar) and the Reader’s Participation in Rumi’s Masnavi

—  University of California, Santa Barbara, Dept. of Religion, April 28-May 3, 2007.  Visiting professor: “Ostad Elahi Fund for Culture and the Arts”.  Public lecture series: From Ethics to Spirituality: The Phenomenology of Spiritual Life in the World Religions; and public lecture/panel member in conference on “Synaesthesia in the Abrahamic Traditions”: The “Breath of the All-Merciful”: Ibn ‘Arabi on Inspiration and the Spiritual Senses.

— University of California, Irvine, Dept. of Religion, April 27, 2007.  Invited public lecture: “Traces of the Truth”: Discovering Spirituality in Everyday Life.

Lefkosa, Cyprus, Rumi Institute (Near East University), international colloquium on the Heritage of Rumi, December 13-16, 2006.  Conference organizer and public lecture: The Mysteries of Seeking: Exploring the Masnavī’s Turning-Point.

—  Iqbal Institute, Lahore, Pakistan, November 22-23, 2006, international colloqium on “Sufism As a Dialogue of Civilisations”. Invited keynote lecture: Authenticity and Effective Communication: The Inherent Diversity of Muslim Cultures in the Islamic Humanities

University of California, Berkeley, Ibn ‘Arabi Society International Symposium, October 14-15, 2006.  Invited keynote lecture: Knowing the Self and Discovering God: Pathways of Awareness [Lecture recording available online and in downloadable formats at:]; seminar: Attractions and Influences: the Contemporary Relevance of Ibn ‘Arabi’s Work.

Boston College, McMullen Museum of Art, September 14, 2006, “Cosmophilia: Islamic Art from the David Collection.”  Opening Lecture: “God is Beautiful, and He Loves Beauty”: Remembrance and Perfection in the Islamic Arts. [Video and audio recording available online at:]

—  Cambridge University, Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, 17-20 July, 2006, Conference on Esoteric Interpretation of the Qur’an.  Public lecture: Context and Perspective in Ibn ‘Arabī’s ‘Reading’ of Qur’anic Eschatology.

—   Istanbul, Turkey, “Muslims of Europe” International Conference, June 30-July 2, 2006.  Invited speaker on Islamic intellectual resources for education, cultural diversity and creativity.

—  University of Edinbugh, Edinburgh International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace, 3-4 March, 2006, conference on ‘Pathways of the Heart’.  Public lecture: The Reflective Heart: the Pathways of Spiritual Intelligence; and workshop: Cinema and the Divine Comedy: Exploring Ibn ‘Arabī’s Shadow-Theatre of the Heart.

—  University of Pennsylvania, Dept. of Religion, February 27, 2006.  Public lecture: Pathways to Understanding: Exploring the Intersections of Religious Studies and Islam.

—  University of St. Andrews (Scotland), Schools of History and International Relations, February 21, 2006.  Public lecture: Alternatives to Ideology: the Future of the Islamic Humanities.

—   Boston College, Dept. of Theology, February 7, 2006Public lecture: Mapping Islamic Theologies: Contexts and Connections.

—   McGill University, Montreal, Jan. 24, 2006.  Public lecture: Resources for Renewal: Insight and Critical Inquiry (tahqīq) in Islamic Thought.

—  Cyprus,  Near East University and Rumi Institute, 8-10 December 2005, 2nd International Conference on the Heritage of Jalaloddin Rumi.  Public lecture: ‘The Mystery of Destiny’: Suffering and Spiritual Growth in Rumi’s Masnavī.

—  Université de Strasbourg-II (Univ. Marc Bloch), Faculté des Langues Vivantes, 22-24 November 2005, International Conference on ‘Dialogue, Culture et Mondialisation’.  Invited Keynote Speaker [in French]: From the Islamic Humanities to Islamic Civilisation: Lessons for Today.

— SOAS, London (Persian Studies), October 21, 2005, Rumi birthday conference.  Public lecture: From Conflict to Peace: Love and Spiritual Growth in Rumi’s Masnavī.

SOAS, London (Iran Heritage Society and IIS, London), September 17-18, 2005.  International Conference on Nasir-i Khusraw.  Invited Concluding Speaker: Seeing Nasir-i Khusraw As a Whole: Challenges and Opportunities.

—  Damascus, IFPO (French Cultural Center, Damascus) and Ministry of Culture, June 22-24, 2005, International Conference on ‘Le Symbolisme et l’herméneutique dans la pensée d’Ibn ‘Arabī’.  Public lecture: From Allusion to Insight and Right Action: Political Dimensions of Ibn ‘Arabī’s Hermeneutics of Spiritual Realisation.

Glasgow University, March 11-13, 2005, International Conference on ‘Rethinking Islamic Theology’.  Public lecture: Subversion and Transformation: Rhetoric and Intention in Ibn 'Arabī’s Critique of the 'Religious Sciences'

Lancaster University, Feb. 28, 2005, Dept. of Religion: Annual Seminar in Religious Studies.  Public lecture: The Multiple Paradigms of Authority and Interpretation in Islam: Ibn 'Arabī’s Ecumenical Perspectives.

 London, Ismaili Centre (associated UK Univ. of Chicago and Ivy League Alumni Associations), Nov. 7, 2004.  Public Lecture and workshop: Behind Media Stereotypes: Islamist Movements in Historical Perspective.

Cordoba, Spain, September 23-25, 2004, International Conference on ‘Contemporary Dimensions of Ibn ‘Arabī’s Thought.’  Public lecture: ‘Second Readings’: Ibn ‘Arabī’s Futūhāt and the Renewal of Islamic Thought.

Tehran, Iran, Second World Congress on Mulla Sadra (Sadr al-Dīn al-Shīrāzī), May 21-25, 2004.  International Keynote Speaker : Civilisation as Dialogue: the Challenges of Spirituality and Philosophy in Mulla Sadra’s Philosophy and Today.

— Pir Press (NYC), April 24, 2004.  Public lecture/workshop: ‘The Reflective Heart’: Integrating the Paths of Purification, Devotion, Service and Reflection.

— Asia House/Asia Society (NYC), April 23, 2004.  Public lecture: Spiritual Approaches to Cultural Understanding in Asian Islamic Civilisation.

University of Chicago, Divinity School, April 21, 2004.  Public lecture: Unfinished Business: Perspectives on the Intersection of Religious Studies and Islam.

— European Shi’i Studies Symposium, London, April 17-18, 2004.  Public lecture: Shī’ī Studies in Islamic Studies and the Study of Religion: ‘Walāya’ in Larger Perspectives.

—  Malaysia, January 12-22, 2004.  Visiting Professorat the Center for Civilisational Dialogue, University of Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).
Jan. 13.  Seminar at British Council, Kuala Lumpur: ‘Pluralism, Creativity, Cooperation and Community in the Contemporary Islamic World’.

University of Malaya,
UNESCO Conference on Poetry and Culture, Jan. 14.  Public lecture and seminar: Discovering the ‘Magic’ of Hafez: Qur’anic Structures and Perspective Transformation in the Ghazals.

Center for Civilisational Dialogue
, University of Malaya, Jan. 14:  Public Lecture and faculty-student Forum on  Islamic Culture in a World Civilisation: Envisioning a Multi-Cultural Future for Malaysia and the Wider Islamic World.

Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM), Jan. 15.  Public Lecture and national radio interview: The Challenges of Self-Discovery: Deeper Muslim Responses to the Events of 9/11.

University of Malaya, Academy of Islamic Studies, Jan. 15.  Public Lecture and debate:  Civilization As Dialogue: Freedom, Creativity, Diversity and Tolerance in Classical Islamic Thought

U.M., Center for the Performing Arts, Jan. 17,  full-day faculty/postgraduate workshop (‘The Color of Paradise/Rang-i Khodā’ and selections from the ‘Meccan Illuminations’): Suffering, Compassion and Spiritual Growth: Seeing Things Whole.

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Faculty of Islamic Knowledge and Human Sciences, Jan. 19.  Public lecture on Spiritual or Social ‘Ethics’ ?: The Philosophical and Pedagogical Challenges

 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UiTM), Institute of Knowledge Advancement, Jan. 19.  Public lecture and faculty workshop on ‘Training— or Education ? : Can We Afford Cultural and Religious Illiteracy ?

University of  Malaya, Center for Civilisational Dialogue, Jan. 20.   Full-day workshop for heads of University Departments, research institutes, and medical faculties (‘Secret Ballot’/Ra’y-i Makhfī and translations from Ibn ‘Arabī): Discovering Spiritual Intelligence in Everyday Life: ‘What Is Essential for the Seeker.’

International University for Islamic Sciences and Civilization (ISTAC), Jan. 21:  Faculty/Postgraduate seminar and public lecture on Beyond ‘Esotericism’: How Can We Reconcile Diversity and Unity in Contemporary Islamic Culture ?

National Institute for Public Administration (INTAN), Jan. 22: Public Lecture and workshop (for managers of national public services agencies and scientific research institutes):  ‘Managing’ as Service (‘ibāda): Practicing Spiritual Intelligence in Unexpected Places.

SOAS, London (Ahmed Foundation annual Ramadan lecture), November 16, 2003.  Keynote address:  Aspects of the Imamate: Imam ‘Alī as ‘Reminder of God’.

Paris, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (section des sciences religieuses), November 5-8, 2003.  International centenary conference on Henry Corbin (‘Philosophies et sagesses des religions du livre’).   Public Lecture (in French): Religion After Religions ?: Henry Corbin and the Future of the Study of Religion.

Santa Cruz, CA, August 2003.  Threshold Society annual retreat: ‘Emancipation’: Spiritual Growth and Sufi Practice.  (Seminars and workshops on Rumi’s Masnavi, hadith, Hafez, and spiritual practice.)

Paris, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (Vème section : sciences religieuses), May-June, 2003.   Visiting Professor (invited annual guest lecture series in the study of religions).  Public lecture series (in French): Re-discovering the ‘Divine Comedy’: Eschatology and Spiritual Realisation in Ibn ‘Arabi’s ‘Meccan Illuminations.’ 

Oxford University, St. Antony’s College, M. Iqbal commemorative conference, May 24, 2003: Conference Chair and Concluding Speaker: Reconstructing Religious Thought: Iqbal and the 21st Century.

Paris, Institut Européen des Sciences des Religions and EPHE, March 13-21, 2003.  International Conference on Future of Religious Studies in Europe: ‘Le fait religieux comme objet de savoir’.  Public lecture (in French) : Islam et sciences des religions en Europe: l’état des études islamiques en Angleterre.

New York City, January 6, 2003.  Sufi Books annual public lecture series: lecture and seminar: Living the ‘Big Picture’: Ibn ‘Arabi on Realisation and Eschatology.

SOAS, London (annual Ahmed Foundation lecturer), November 24, 2002.   Public lecture: Surrender and Realisation (taslīm and tahqīq): Imam Ali on the Conditions for True Religious Understanding.

SOAS, London (Iran Heritage Society), November 16-17, 2002.  International Conference on ‘Farīd al-Dīn ‘Attār and the Persian Sufi Tradition’.  Conference Closing summation lecture: ‘Deaths’ and Resurrections: The Many Challenges of the ‘Tarjumān’ and Revivifying ‘Attār’s Heritage.

Morocco, Oct. 24-Nov. 2, 2002 (Visiting Professor):
Rabat, Université Mohammed V-Agdal, October 25, 2002.  International Symposium on ‘Ibn ‘Arabī and the World Today’.  Public lecture (in French): Ibn ‘Arabī’s Rhetoric and Realisation: How Can We Properly Communicate His Meanings Today?

Rabat, British Council, Oct. 24, 2002.  Public lecture (in French): The Qur’an and the Islamic Humanities: Facing Up to Today’s Challenges and Responsibilities.

Ifrane, Al-Akhawayn University,  Oct. 28, 2002.  Public lecture: Diversity and Creativity: the Growing Cultural Influences of Muslims in the UK.

Casablanca, Abd al-Aziz al-Saoud Foundation, Oct. 29, 2002.  Public lecture (in French and Arabic): After Taqlīd...?: Renewing the Islamic Humanities in a Post-traditional World.

Marrakesh,  University of Marrakesh, Faculté des lettres, Oct. 31, 2002.  Public lecture: Pédagogie et perfection spirituelle (ihsān): redécouvrant les humanités islamiques aujourd’hui

Marrakesh, Dīwān al-Adab al-‘Arabī (Dār Sherīfa), Nov. 2, 2002.   Public lecture (in Arabic and French) : Religion and Realisation: Building  Ibn ‘Arabī’s Three ‘Cities of Love’ Today

Berkeley, California, Aug. 18, 2002 (Ibn ‘Arabi Society).  Public lecture and workshop: ‘Learning from our Mistakes’: Experience and the Unfolding of Spiritual Intelligence.

Santa Cruz, California, Aug. 11-16, 2002.  Threshold Society annual retreat: ‘Polishing the Heart/Purifying Consciousness’.  Invited lecturer and workshop leader.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 22-23, 2002.  Public lectures and faculty seminars at the University of Malaysia, Center for the Dialogue of Civilisations: Islamic Contributions to the Construction of a Global Civilisation; and at the International Islamic University of Malaysia (Dept. of Theology and Comparative Religion): ‘Classical Islamic Approaches to Religious Understanding: Their Contemporary Relevance.

Indonesia,  June 16-21, 2002 (‘Connecting Futures’ Visiting Professor).  
Jakarta: Forum Sebangsa and British Council, public lectures and discussions on Religious Understanding and Understanding Religions: Classical Islamic Approaches; and Islam and Muslims in the Contemporary UK: Diversity and Cultural Creativity.   Related interviews on major Indonesian TV channels and with all major print media (Indonesian and English).

Medan, Sumatra: Muslim Institute (interfaith organisation), public lecture: ‘May They Compete in Bringing the Good’: Islamic Foundations and Religious Understanding; IAIN (State Islamic University), graduate faculty: public lecture and postgraduate seminar: Understanding Religions/Religious Understanding: Three Muslim Pioneers.

— Yogyakarta
: LKIS (inter-university interfaith fellowship): public lecture on Islam and the Challenges of Tolerance and Diversity; IAIN (National Islamic University), graduate faculty: Three Muslim Pioneers in the Study of Religion: al-Bīrūnī, al-Fārābī, Ibn ‘Arabī.

Georgetown University (Washington, DC), Society for Iranian Studies annual conference, May 23-25, 2002.  Panel presentation: Paradigms and Pitfalls: The Problem of ‘Labels’ in Ismaili and Shiite Studies.

Harvard University, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, International conference on ‘Ibn Khaldūn as Historian’, May 9-10, 2002.  Public lecture on ‘An Arab “Machiavelli”?: Ibn Khaldūn’s Twofold Criticism of Contemporary Sufism’. 

Oxford University, Worcester College, Muhyiddīn Ibn ‘Arabī Society International Symposium, May 3-4, 2002.  Keynote address and public lecture: Discovering God’s Love in the ‘Meccan Illuminations’.

Isfahan, Iran, Center for Dialogue between Civilisations, Institut français de recherche en Iran, Institute of Islamic Studies, Tehran-McGill University, April 27-29, 2002.  Cordoba and Isfahan: International Colloquium on Two Schools of Islamic Philosophy.  Keynote Lecture: From Averroes to Mulla Sadra, and Beyond: the ‘New Science’ of Spirituality and the Challenges of Realisation.

Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, April 22, 2002.  Public lecture and presentation on ‘The Contemporary Relevance of Ja‘far b. Mansūr’s Dialogue of “The Master and the Disciple”.’

Asia House Foundation and SOAS, London, March 11, 2002.  Lecture series on  ‘Mosque and State’  (Religious and Political Authority in Islam).   Public lecture: The Appeal of the Apocalypse: ‘Religious’ Extremism in Historical Perspective

Columbia University, New York, March 5, 2002 (Nour Foundation series).   Public Lecture: A Master at Work: From Allusion to Insight in Ostad Elahi’s Oral Teaching.

Beshara School of Advanced Education, Chisholme House, Scotland, Feb. 15-18, 2002.  Seminar and Public Lecture: Discovering the Divine ‘Breaths’: From Suffering to Transformation in Ibn ‘Arabi and Hāfez.

— University of London, SOAS, Dept. of the Study of Religions, and Institute of Islamic Studies, January 25-26, 2002.  International Conference on Mawlawi Rumi.  Closing Conference lecture:  ‘The Very Essence of Our State’: Walāya and the Secret of Rūmī’s Universality.

— New York City, Sufi Books, January 5, 2002.  The ‘Breaths of the All-Merciful’: Ibn ‘Arabī and Hāfez on Suffering and Negativity in the Dynamics of Spiritual Life

University of Birmingham, Centre for Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations, December 11, 2001.  Public lecture/graduate seminar: Contextualising Experience: Perspective Shifts in the Qur’an, Hafez and Rumi.

SOAS, University of London, Centre of Islamic Studies, October 11-12, 2001.  Conference on ‘The Qur’an: Text, Translation and Interpretation’.  Invited Chair: New Directions in Qur’an Interpretation.

University of Edinburgh, Dept. of Arabic and Islamic Studies 250th Anniversary Lecture Series, May 17, 2001.  Public Lecture on Islamic Studies in the Perspective of Religious Studies: The Centrality of the Qur’an and the Islamic Humanities.

Oxford University, Worcester College, March 31-April 1, 2001.  Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society, annual International Symposium.  Keynote speaker: Creation and Creativity in the Thought of Ibn ‘Arabi

Sarajevo University, Bosnia, invited guest lecturer in Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Islamic Sciences, May 8-11, 2001.  Series of public lectures and faculty seminars on Communication and Community: Islamic Thought in a World Civilization

New York City, Sufi Books and Pir Publications, February 9-11, 2001.  Workshop and film seminar: Ibn ‘Arabī and the Practice of Spiritual Intelligence: Discovering Spirituality in Everyday Life.

Kyoto University (Graduate School of Asian and African Studies), Japan, International Conference on ‘Sufi Thought and Inner Dimensions of the Islamic World: Ibn ‘Arabi and His School in Asia and Africa.’  January 19-23, 2001.  Public lecture on: Ibn ‘Arabi in the ‘Far West’: His Contribution to the Emerging Science of Spirituality.

Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Carthage, Société Internationale d'Histoire des Sciences et de la Philosophie Arabes et Islamiques International Colloqium on ‘Sciences et philosophie arabes : méthodes, problèmes, cas,’ 28 November-2 December, 2000.  Public lecture (in French) on The Politics of Perfection: Transformation and Realization in Ibn Khaldūn and Ibn ‘Arabī.

—  Paris, Ecole normale supérieure, journée d’études sur l’éthique et la spiritualité, October 28, 2000.  Public lecture on Ostād Elāhī et la découverte de Dieu dans la réflexion éthique.

— Inaugural lecture, University of Exeter, October 12, 2000.  Public lecture on Exploring The Universal Dimensions of Islamic Thought: Political Philosophy and Spirituality.

— Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society, International Symposium on ‘The Spirit of the Millenium,’ Chisholme, Scotland, August 3-6, 2000.  Public lecture on ‘Waiting For the Mahdi’: Reading Between Ibn ‘Arabi’s Lines.

—  Chicago, 1st International Conference on the Heritage of Islamic Thought and Science (‘Time and Space in Islam’), July 1-4, 2000.  Conference co-chair; keynote banquet speaker: The Unique Opportunities & Challenges Facing American Muslims in the New Century; and public lecture on Divine Time, Human Time: The Times of Resurrection in Ibn ‘Arabi and Mulla Sadra.

University of Birmingham and Selly Oak Colleges, Centre for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, Islamic Studies Graduate Seminar, June 7, 2000.  Public lecture and graduate seminar presentation on: ‘The Conscience of the King’: Rhetoric, Metaphysics and Realization (tahqīq) in the Classical Islamic Humanities.

SOAS, Dept. of Study of Religions (and Institute of Islamic Studies), London, International Conference Mulla Sadra and Western Schools of Philosophy, May 12-13, 2000.  Invited conference chair, discussant and concluding speaker.

—  University of Exeter, Exeter Inter-Faith Group, Feb. 21, 2000.  Public lecture on Visible and Invisible ‘Islam’: The Premises of Inter-Religious Understanding.

Oxford University, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, public lecture series on Islamic Thought, January 26, 2000.  Public lecture on  The End of ‘Esotericism’?: Messianism, Millenarianism and the ‘New Science’ of Spirituality.

—  New York City, Sufi Books Lecture Series, January 8, 2000.   Public lecture and seminar on Learning From Our Mistakes: Ibn ‘Arabi’s Advice on Spiritual Practice.

University of Birmingham  (National Workshop on Islamic Research: ‘Researching the Qur’an as a Primary Source in Islamic Studies’), Oct. 22-24, 1999.  Public lecture on The Qur’an and the Islamic Humanities in a World Civilization.

SOAS (Islamic Studies), London, International Conference on Qur’anic Studies (inauguration of Journal of Qur’anic Studies), October 18-19, 1999: Qur’an Translation and the Challenge of Communication: Toward a ‘Literal’ (Study) Version of the Qur’an.

Scotland (Beshara School, Chisholme House), Aug. 8-13, 1999:  Seminar and workshop on Ibn ‘Arabi and Spiritual Practice in Everyday Life.

—  Paris, France: Rencontre inter-religieuse ‘L’Universel’, June 26-27, 1999.  Public lecture and roundtable discussant: L’apport de la mystique musulmane à la spiritualité contemporaine.

—  Dié, France, Festival du soufisme, June 18, 1999.  Public lecture: Du retrait mystique à la spiritualité naturelle: le trajet spirituel d’Ostād Elāhī.

—  Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz, Iran, World Congress on Mulla Sadra (Sadr al-Din al-Shirazi), May 23-27, 1999.    Public Lecture (in Persian and English): Mulla Sadra’s Conception of the Barzakh [= the spiritual world] and the Emerging Science of Spirituality: Implications for the World Religions.

—  Marrakech, Morocco, Mawsimīyāt de Marrakech (International Colloquium on ‘Sagesse et arts traditionelles en Islam’, May 5-9, 1999.   Public lecture (Arabic and French):  Le défi de l’avenir: Tradition et créativité dans les Adabīyāt Islamiques (‘The Challenge of the Future: Tradition and Creativity in the Islamic Humanities’). 

McGill University, Montreal, international conference on ‘Islam and the Coming Millenium,’ April 8-10, 1999.  Public lecture: Fārābī, Avicenna and Ibn ‘Arabī: Three Paradigms of Politics and Islam.

Ankara, Turkey, Fifth Annual International Conference on ‘The Qur’an and Ethics’, January 2-3, 1999.   Keynote lecture: The Mysteries of Ihsan: The Aesthetic Dimensions of Spiritual Virtue in the Qur’an

New York City, Sufi Books lecture series, December 12, 1998.  Public lecture/film workshop: Ibn ‘Arabi on Spirituality in Everyday Life: ‘Seeing With Both Eyes.’

Berkeley, University of California, Ibn ‘Arabi Society Symposium on ‘The Breath of the All-Merciful,’ November 5-6, 1998.  Keynote speaker and public lecture: The ‘Heralding Winds of Mercy’:  The ‘People of the Breaths’ and ‘Servants of the All-Merciful’ in The Meccan Illuminations.

Paris, France, interfaith colloquium on ‘Spiritualité et Religions: invitation à l’épreuve personnelle du sens,’ June 27-28, 1998.  Public lecture and workshop on La fin de l’ésoterisme: Vers une spiritualité naturelle.

New York University, Religious Studies Program, Conference on ‘Tantra, Muslim Esotericism & Kabbalah,’ April 5-6, 1998.  Invited Presenter/Discussant for Islamic esoteric traditions (Shiism, Sufism, and Islamic gnostic traditions).

—  School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Conference on ‘Foundations of Natural Spirituality,’ February 19-20, 1998.  Public lecture: Beyond ‘Esotericism’: Toward a New Science of Spirituality.

Casablanca, Morocco, Le Carrefour des Arts, January 27, 1998.  Public lecture and workshop: Pourquoi lire Ibn ‘Arabi aujourd’hui (‘Why Study Ibn ‘Arabi Today?’).

Marrakech, Morocco, Majlis Dīwān al-Adab al-‘Arabī (= circle of leading Arabic writers, poets and traditional scholars of Marrakech), January 12, 1998.  Public lecture (in Arabic and French): The Islamic Humanities and the Future of Islam: the Challenge of Spiritual Pedagogy.

Kayseri, Turkey, International Symposium on Islamic Thought and Daud al-Qaysari, October 24-26, 1997.   Keynote speaker and program moderator; public lecture: The Continuing Relevance of Qaysari’s Thought: Divine Imagination and the Foundation of Natural Spirituality.

—  Paris, France, interfaith colloquium on ‘Quelle spiritualité pour le 21eme siècle’, June 25-26, 1997.  Public lecture and workshop: La causalité transcendantale et la spiritualité universelle: le «sens» du visite—du Jardin au mosquée.

Oxford University, British Association for Middle East Studies (BRISMES) annual meeting, June 13-15, 1997.  Public lecture and invited discussant: Between Haqīqa and Sharī'a: The ‘Translator's’ Dilemma.

Marrakech, Morocco, Mawsimiyāt de Marrakech  (International Conference on ‘The Heritage of Ibn ‘Arabi/Actualité et Rayonnement de l’oeuvre d’Ibn Arabī’), May 8-11, 1997.    Public Lecture (in Arabic and French): istiqbāl al-shaykh al-akbar fī al-maghrib al-aqsā: al-turuq al-zāhir wa-l-bātin / la Réception d’Ibn al-‘Arabī dans le nouvel monde: voies visibles et voies cachées

Murcia, Spain: IV Congreso Internacional sobre Mohyiddin Ibn Al' Arabi (Theme of ‘The Legacy of Ibn ‘Arabī: Thought Without Frontiers’),  November 16-19, 1996.  Public Lecture: ‘...Except His Face’: The Political and Aesthetic Dimensions of Ibn ‘Arabi’s Legacy, Past and Present.

Surèsnes, France: Rencontre inter-religieuse ‘L’Universel’, June 21-23, 1996.  Public lecture and workshop presentation: Cinéma et le reflet divin: un moyen nouveau d’enseignement spirituel. 

—  University of California, Berkeley: Ibn 'Arabi Society—West Coast workshop on ‘Ibn ‘Arabi on Spiritual Practice in Everyday Life: “Smoke” and the Weight of the Soul’ May 31-June 1, 1996.

—  Columbia University Faculty Seminar (for all East Coast professors of Arabic and Islamic Studies), March 28, 1996.  Public Lecture and faculty seminar on The Dialogue of ‘The Master and the Disciple’ and the Beginnings of the Ismaili Da’wa: Sufism and Shiism Revisited (on edition and translation of the Kitāb al-‘Ālim wa-l-Ghulām).

—  St. John’s College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Lecture Series on ‘‘Great Books’ of Eastern Civilizations,’  November 10, 1995.  Public Lecture and open seminar on Remembrance and Realization: Qur’anic Metaphysics and Islamic Aesthetics (Qur’an, Hafez, Rumi, related painting and music).

—  De Paul University, Chicago, Dept. of Religious Studies, First Annual ‘Islam in America Conference,’ Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 1995.  Panel organizer and moderator: ‘The Challenge of Translation;’ talk on The Challenges of Translation: Transmission and (re?)-Creation.

—  New York University, New York, UNESCO Symposium on ‘Spirituality: Unity and Diversity,’ September 22-24, 1995.  Public lecture: ‘Orality and Spiritual Teaching in the Works of Nur Ali Elahi.’ 

—  La Sorbonne, Paris, Symposium International (en collaboration avec l’Académie de Paris et l’UNESCO, et le Ministre de Culture et Francophonie), ‘Le Spirituel: Pluralité et Unité,’ September 7-10, 1995.  Public lecture: ‘Quelques aspects de l’enseignement spirituel  d’Ostad Elahi’; member of international organizing committee for the UNESCO Symposium in Paris and New York.

—  Chisholme Institute, Scotland, Twelfth International Symposium of the Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society, ‘The Way in Ibn 'Arabī’, August 17-20, 1995.  Keynote public Lecture: ‘His Way, Our Ways: Discovering One’s Way Through the “Meccan Illuminations”’; related weekend workshop on cinema and spirituality.

—  New Delhi, India, International Conference on Imam ‘Ali and the Nahj al-Balāgha, April, 1995.   Public Lecture: ‘Surrender and Realization: the Three Faces of Religion in“Nahj al-Balāgha”.

University of California, Berkeley: Ibn 'Arabi Society Symposium on ‘The Journey of the Heart in Ibn 'Arabi,’ Nov. 4-5, 1994.  Public Lecture: Travel Through the Earth and See...’: Learning From the Earthly Journey.

De Paul University (Chicago), Dept. of Religious Studies: Organizing Conference on the Study of Islam in America, April 23, 1994.  Invited speaker and discussion leader on sources, research methods and pedagogical resources in academic and broader public settings.

— Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Washington, Seattle,  February 25, 1994.  Public lecture: Conceiving Islam in America: Transmission, Adoption or Creation?

Center for International Cultural Studies, Tehran:  international conference on ‘The Future of Islamic Culture and Civilization,’ February 8-10, 1994.   Public lecture: Islamic Culture in a World Civilization.

Iranian Academy of Arts and Sciences (Farhangestān-e Ulūm), Tehran.  Public Lecture (in Persian), February 6, 1994.  The ‘Islamic Humanities,’ Past and Present: Cinema and Spiritual Pedagogy in Contemporary Culture.

Iranian Academy of Islamic Philosophy, Tehran. Public Lectures (in Persian), Feb. 2 and 4, 1994.  Contemporary Developments in the Study of Islamic Philosophy, and Recent Studies and Influences of Ibn 'Arabi and His School in the West.

—  Iranian Center for the Comparative Study of Societies, Tehran.  Public Lecture (in Persian), Feb. 3, 1994.  Ibn Khaldun and Sufism: Lessons for Contemporary Islamic Societies.

— Association for Continuing Education, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio: annual public policy lecture series (on ‘The Rise of Islam’), October 24, 1993.  Public Lecture: Islamic 'Fundamentalism' in Historical Perspective.

Chisholme House (Beshara School), Howick, Scotland, August 15-22, 1993.  Intensive seminar (and film course) on ‘Spiritual Mysteries and the Spiritual Life: Exploring Ibn 'Arabi's “Meccan Illuminations”.’

Durham University, Collingwood College, Muhyiddīn Ibn 'Arabī Society: symposium on ‘Prayer and Contemplation’, March 26-28, 1993.  Public lecture: Prayer and the 'Heart' in Ibn'Arabī.

Middle East Studies Association, Portland, October 29, 1992.  Chair and moderator, panel on ‘Theme and Artistry: the Many Faces of Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī.’

—  Nour Foundation (for the Islamic Humanities), New York, May 28, 1992.  Public Lecture: Rediscovering the Garden: Right Action and Beatific Vision in Ibn 'Arabī.

Oxford University, Wadham College: International symposium on ‘Theophany and Imagination in Ibn 'Arabī’, March 20-22, 1992.  Public Lecture: Recognizing Theophany: The ‘Face of God’ and the ‘Transformation Through the Forms’.

— The Cleveland Ecumenical Institute for Religious Studies.  Series of 8 public seminars on The Religion of Islam, March-May, 1992.

Oxford University, Wadham College: International symposium on ‘Ibn ‘Arabī and Light’, April 4-7, 1991.  Public Lecture: ‘From Darknesses to Light’: Lights of Knowledge and the Light of Faith in The Meccan Illuminations.

John Carroll University (Cleveland), Institute of the Humanities: Program on ‘Islam: Tradition and Modernity’, April 16, 1991.  Public Lecture: Worlds Turned Upside-Down: 'Islam' and the Challenges of Modernity.

School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London: Conference on The Legacy of Mediaeval Persian Sufism, December 1990.  Public lecture: Jāmī and The Uses of Sufi Writing: Between ‘High’ Cultures and Popular Spirituality.

University of Oran, Algeria: international colloquium on Ibn ‘Arabī, November, 1990.  Public Lecture: La permanence de l'interprète: l'itinéraire internationale de l'heritage akbarien.

Washington University, St. Louis: Program in Religious Studies and Center for the Study of Islamic Societies and Civilizations, November, 1990.  Public lecture and faculty symposium: New Directions in the Study of Islamic Religion.

University of California, Berkeley: Ibn ‘Arabī Society International Symposium on ‘The Reality of Man in Ibn ‘Arabī’, September, 1989.  Public lecture: Human Being and the Hereafter: Ibn 'Arabī’s Divine Comedy.

Princeton University, Departments of Religion and Near Eastern Studies, May, 1989.  Public lecture: Visible and Invisible Islam: Paradigms and Pitfalls in the Study of Islamic Religion.

Annenberg Research Institute, Philadelphia: invited discussant, colloquium on ‘Translations of Scriptures’, May 15-16, 1989.

Princeton Theological Seminary: invited discussant, conference on ‘Educating for Justice: Three Religious Perspectives,’ May 22-24, 1989.

Primo Simposio Internazionale Ibn ‘Arabī, Noto, Sicily: ‘Les études akbariennes en occident: bilan et perspectives,’ March 30-April 5, 1989.  Public lecture on The Centrality of Walāya in Ibn 'Arabī's Spirituality.

— International Colloqium on ‘Modes of Transmission of Religious Culture in Islam’, Princeton University, April, 1989.  Lecture on The Transmission of Spiritual Knowledge: Theophany and Initiation Among the Ahl-i Haqq of Kurdistan.

— Invited discussant, Nachmanides conference on ‘Jewish Mystical Leadership, 1200-1270’, at Jewish Theological Seminary of America, N.Y., February, 1989.

Seton Hall University, Colloquium on ‘Typologies of Mysticism in Christianity, Judaism and Islam’, February, 1989.  Lecture on Situating Islamic 'Mysticism': Between Written Traditions and Popular Spirituality.

— Conference on the Political Aspects of Islamic Philosophy, University of Maryland (Airlie, VA), October, 1988.  Lecture on Avicenna's Political Philosophy: A Reconsideration of His 'Theory of Prophecy'.

Princeton University, Visiting Professor, Departments of Religion and Near Eastern Studies, Spring and Autumn semesters, 1988-89; visiting fellow, Department of Near Eastern Studies, 1987-1988 academic year.

Harvard University, Committee on Medieval Studies and Department of the History of Science, ‘International Conference on Islamic Intellectual History.’  Lecture on Philosophy and Religion in Ibn Khaldūn's Critique of Sufism, May, 1988.

Columbia University, University Seminar in Arabic Studies.   Lecture presentation on Some Forms and Presuppositions of Islamic Esotericism, April, 1988.

Temple University, Department of Religion.  Public Lecture: The Islamic Humanities in the Modern World: A Political Dilemma, March, 1988.

American Oriental Society, invited panel on ‘The Spiritual Ascension (mi’rāj) in Islamic Literature’.  Public lecture on The Prophet's Ascension and the Invocation of the Muse: the Meaning of the ‘Muhammadan Reality’, March, 1988.

University of Rochester, Dept. of Religious and Classical Studies.  Public lecture: Lost Horizons?: The Context and Presuppositions of Classical Islamic Thought, February, 1988.

University of Chicago, Middle East Center and Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.  Public Lecture: Which “Republic”?: The Public and Private Dimensions of Islamic ‘Esotericism’, October, 1987.

Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium: Guest Lecturer (in French) on Islamic Philosophy, in annual series of public lectures and graduate seminars on philosophy sponsored by Belgian National Foundation for Scientific Research, October, 1985.

Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris: Invited guest lecturer (in French) in graduate seminar on Islamic Mysticism (Prof. M. Chodkiewicz), speaking on development of thought of Ibn ‘Arabī in Eastern Islamic world; Ibn 'Arabī's eschatology and related topics, in 1984; 1985-86.