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1996       PhD, English, Yale University.
Major Field of Concentration: British literature
1993 MPhil, English, Yale University
1993 MA, English, Yale University
1988 BA, English, magna cum laude, Yale University

Currently Assistant Professor of English, Boston College
2000-1 Mellon Fellow, Cornell University
1996-7 Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Davidson College
Spring, 1996 Adjunct Instructor, Polytechnic University
Fall, 1995 Instructor, Barnard College
1995-6 Adjunct Instructor, Yeshiva University
1994-6 Part-time Acting Instructor, Yale University

2000-1     Society for the Humanities Mellon Research-Teaching Fellowship, Cornell University
1994 Thomas Masaryk Fellowship, Foundation for a Civil Society
1993-94 Fellow, Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University
1993-94 Andrew W. Mellon Dissertation Fellowship, Yale University
1993 Nomination, Yale College Prize Teaching Fellowship
1988 Academy of American Poets College Prize, Yale University


2002     Victorian Keats: Manliness, Sexuality, and Desire. Forthcoming from Palgrave/St. Martin's Press

Articles and Essays
2001     "Keats, Wilfred Owen, and a Tradition of Desire." Twentieth-Century Literature 47:1 (Spring)
2000 "Buddhism, East and West." Religion and the Arts 4:4 (Fall)
2000 "Matthew Arnold, Our Contemporary." Nineteenth-Century Prose 27:1 (Spring)
2000 "Arnold and the Deployment of Dandyism." In Humor and Victorian Culture: New Perspectives on the Comic Spirit, ed. Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor (Aldershot: Ashgate)
1998 "The Private Life of the Victorian Novel." Victorian Review 24: 1 (Summer)
1998 "Books, Aesthetics, Markets, and Debts." College Literature 25: 3 (Fall)
1997 "Gnawing at History: the Rhetoric of Holocaust Denial." Midwest Quarterly 39: 1 (Fall)
1997 "'Curl'd Minion, Dancer, Coiner of Sweet Words': Keats, Dandyism, and Sexual Indeterminacy in Sohrab and Rustum." Victorian Poetry 35: 1 (Spring)

Reviews and Other Publications
2001 Review of Beth Lau, Keats's Paradise Lost. ASECS Online Reviews
2001 Review of Alan Bennett, Romantic Poets and the Culture of Posterity. Romantic Circles Reviews 4:3
2000 Review of John C. Robinson, 'My Ended Poet': Reception and Poetics in Keats. European Romantic Review 11:4 (Fall)
1999 Review of Ellen Tremper, 'Who Lived at Alfoxton?': Virginia Woolf and English Romanticism. Studies in the Novel 31:4 (Winter)
1999 Review of Nicholas Roe, John Keats and the Culture of Dissent. European Romantic Review 9:3 (August)
1999 Review of Ellis Hanson, Decadence and Catholicism; and Rhonda K. Garelick, Rising Star: Dandyism, Gender, and Performance in the Fin de Siècle. Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies N.S. 8 (Fall)
1998 Review of Allyson Booth, Postcards from the Trenches. International Review of Modernism 1:2 (Spring/Summer)
1992 "Edward Irving," "John Hamilton Reynolds," and "Sidney Smith" in The Encyclopedia of Romanticism (New York: Garland )
1989-2001 Verse in Connecticut River Review, Blue Unicorn, Ararat, Jacaranda Review, Folio

Boston College: 2001-2   Freshman Writing Seminar: Nineteenth-Century Literary Protest
PhD Seminar: Intertextuality and Gender in Nineteenth-Century Britain
British Literature and Culture: 1700 to the Present
Cornell University, 2000-1: Nineteenth-Century Poetry and Gender
John S. Knight Writing Program: The Reading of Fiction
Boston College, 1997-2000: Introduction to Creative Writing
Nineteenth-Century Literary Protest
English Literary History: Tennyson to Eliot
Studies in Poetry
Literary Themes: What Work Is
Graduate Course: Nineteenth-Century Poetry, Gender and the Literary Tradition
Davidson College, 1996-7: English Literature from Beowulf to 1660
English Literature from 1660 to 1850
English 101: Composition
The British Novel from 1850 to the Present
Yeshiva University, 1995-6: Composition I and II
Polytechnic University, 1996: Writing in the Humanities for ESL Students
Barnard College, 1995: First-Year English: Travel and Discovery
Yale University, 1994-5: Reading and Writing Prose
Modern Prose: Advanced Writing
Writing Instructor, Program for Minority Students
Slovak Academic Information
Agency, Bratislava, 1994:
Written English for Foreign Speakers

Composition; Romantic literature and studies; Victorian literature and studies; Gender in literature

2002     "'Where Are Those Dreamers Now?': Wordsworth, Hemans, and the Imperial Grave." Department of English, University of Vermont
2001 "History Goes Backwards: Pater's 'Winckelmann,' Homoeroticism, and the Greek Keats." Central New York Conference on Language and Literature. State University of New York at Cortland
2000 Session Leader, "Victorian Buddhism." Modern Language Association Convention, Washington, DC
2000 "'Old' and 'New' Servants: George Eliot and Domestic Labor." Central New York Conference on Language and Literature. State University of New York at Cortland
2000 "Pagan, Medieval, Victorian Britain." MacMullen Museum of Art, Boston College
1999 Session Leader, "Re-Evaluating Siegfried Sassoon," Modern Language Association Convention, Chicago
1999 "'Diseased Feelings':The Pleasure and Perils of Reading Keats." American Conference on Romanticism, Indiana University
1999 "The End of the Tunnel." Invited Talk, Department of English, Yale University
1998 "Stevie Smith's Seditionary Minorness: Sneaking into Literary History" Twentieth-Century Literature Conference, University of Louisville
1997 "Reading Woolf's Keats: Sexual Politics and the Genealogy of Androgyny." Seventh Annual Virgina Woolf Conference, Plymouth State College
1997 "Domestic Service and the Novelist's Labor." Nineteenth-Century Studies Association Conference, Davidson College
1995 "Margaret Oliphant and the Gender of Romanticism." Conference on Women Writers of 18th and 19th Century Britain, University of Notre Dame
1993 "The Voyage Out, the Escape from Sexuality, and the Refusal to Mourn." Wyoming Conference on English, University of Wyoming

Advisor, Armenian Students' Association, Boston College.
Committees at Boston College: MA Admissions (1998-9); PhD Admissions (2001-2002); University Technology (1998-2000); Search Committees (1997-2000)
Member, Modern Language Association, Nineteenth-Century Studies Association, North American Society for the Study of Romanticism

French, German, Latin.

Professor Rosemarie Bodenheimer, Boston College
Professor Robert Chibka, Boston College
Professor Mary Crane, Boston College
Professor Wayne Koestenbaum, City University of New York
Professor Cynthia Lewis, Davidson College
Professor Linda Peterson, Yale University

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