Jeehye Judy Choi

Jeehye went to dentistry school.

Kristen Hewett

Kate Hudspeth

Kate completed her Masters degree in 2009. She is now the literacy coordinator for Tenacity and plans to teach English in Argentina.


Claudia Hernandez

Claudia is attending Wellesley College, graduating in 2010, and planning to attend graduate school.


Christine Hosey

Christine is attending New York University studying Psychology and Economics, graduating in 2009, and planning to attend graduate school.


Gillian Cohen

Gillian graduated in 2006. Completed her Masters in psychology at Columbia in NYC in 2007, and is starting her PsyD at Nova Southeastern U in Florida in Fall 2007.


Pamela Naab

Pam finished her Masters degree in 2007 and is now an educator at City on a Hill Charter High School.

Ryan Winton

Ryan graduated in 2006. Ryan is currently working a Boston law office and applying to law school.



Maria-Paz Rodriguez

Graduated in 2005. Became a research coordinator at Children's hospital, and plans to go to graduate school soon.


Julie Lee

Graduated in 2005. Julie got a job in a law office in Boston and was planning to pursue law school.


Anita Christy

Graduated 2004, was a researcher in a NYC law office for a couple of years. Now Anita is in Law School in NYC.


Jessica Terwilliger

Graduated 2004, and is now pursuing her PsyD at Argosy University/Hawaii. She plans to become a clinician.


Stephanie Hadley

Graduated pre-med in 2004 and applied to medical school.


Susie Kim

Graduated in 2004, and moved to New Haven, CT, where she became a research coordinator.


Christine Hughes

Graduated 2003, and enrolled in the Applied Developmental Psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Miami in 2004.


Diana Garrido

Graduated 2003, training as an Early Childhood Educator.


Darci Motiki

Darci graduated in 2002. She went to work with children for a few years, and applied to grad school in 2007.