Links to "New England" Websites

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Plimoth Plantation Website

Interactive Map of the village, c. 1627

Jeff Howeís cool page of "street designs" in American cities, from 17th-century Plimoth to 20th-century NYC

walking tour of Plimoth

virtual tour of plimoth

Links site for Plimoth and Jamestown

The Mayflower Web Pages (passenger list, histories, genealogies, etc.)

Pattie Cowellís brief intro to Anne Bradstreet

Online versions of several of Bradstreetís poems

Downloadable version of Wigglesworthís "Day of Doom" and other poems

Online versions of a few of Taylorís poems

Cotton Mather Homepage

Ogramís 17th-century New England links (especially for witchcraft)

The Salem Witchcraft Papers (an excellent resource!)

Nathaniel Hawthorne Home page (texts, biography, links, etc.)

The Mather Family Library at the American Antiquarian Society

The text of John Knox's First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women