"Home As Found" is a Web Site dedicated to disseminating information about James Fenimore Cooper on the Internet and the World Wide Web. The name "Home As Found" was suggested to me by Wayne Franklin, when I mentioned that I was planning to construct a Cooper Home Page. I like it not only because it evokes Cooper's novel of 1838 but because it suggests that the visitor shouldn't expect too much order and tidiness in the place; things are likely to be a little chaotic. And so they are.

Adventures In England

    1. A Visit to St. James Place

    2. The Sutton Edition of Ways of the Hour


Biographical Information


Link to the New James Fenimore Cooper Society Home Page

This is a (relatively) new site, with a broad array of resources for Cooper research, including "Occasional papers of the Cooper Society," papers from the Cooper panels at the American Literature Association conventions, and other goodies.
The very active and very helpful Secretary/Treasurer of the Cooper Society is Hugh MacDougall.  You can e-mail him at jfcooper@wpe.com

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