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These are links to relevant and interesting material relating to Cooper on the World Wide Web. They are all functioning links as of 20 August 1997. If you know of other links that should be included here, drop me a line:

The James Fenimore Cooper Society

James Fenimore Cooper Society
The Home Page of the Cooper Society, the publisher of the James Fenimore Cooper Newsletter and various occasional papers of the society.  A gathering place for Cooperphiles.  The secretary of the Society and editory of the Newsletter is Hugh Mac Dougall, who can be contacted at  He welcomes new members (at $10 per year) and Cooper-related news and observations.

Other Cooper Web Pages

James Fenimore Cooper
"This Web page was created for Maria de Armas Ladd's Materworks of American literature class. Individual research for pages was conducted by Laura Huynh, Maribeth Miguel, Eric Robker, Gerald Villabroza, and Evan Watkins. This homepage describes historical references and sources in James Fenimore Cooper's fiction of the 19th century. Also, there are several links to other sites and documents that relate to his writing, and to other American writers of the time who use American history as a guide for their fiction."

Texts and Manuscripts by Cooper (and his father)

William Cooper Papers, etc. at Hartwick College
"The Stevens-German Library maintains a collection of 250,000 books and over 1,000 periodical subscriptions. It is home to the Judge William Cooper Papers, founder of Cooperstown and father of James Fenimore Cooper, and to the Willard E. Yager North American Indian Collection, an important resource in the field of Native American studies."

 Electronic Archive at the University of Virginia
The University of Virginia has created an "Electronic Archive of Early American Fiction" that includes many titles by Cooper. This link is to a list of those texts. Very few are publicly available over the Internet, however, and links to those are included below.

 The Last of the Mohicans
The text of the novel, prepared by Joanne Hindman, OED North American Reading Program, and maintained at the University of Virginia.

 The Last of the Mochicans
The text of the novel, posted by "Bibliomania: The Network Library"

 The Last of the Mochicans
Formatted in SGML and maintained by the Oxford Text Archive project.

 "The Eclipse"
The text of an essay by Cooper, thought to have been written in 1831 but not published until 1869 in Putnam's Magazine. Machine-readable version created by Judy Boss at the University of Virginia.

 Preface to The Water Witch
Digital images of the manuscript and a transcribed text of Cooper's preface to The Water Witch (1830), prepared by Abigail Leab of the University of British Columbia and maintained at the University of Virginia.

 Preface and Initial Pages of The Pathfinder
From the manuscript collection at the University of Virginia; digitized images and transcript--six sheets in all. Prepared by Michael Winship and Paula Di Stefano.

Texts on Cooper by other 19th-century authors, by critics, by readers

"Fenimore Cooper's Libels on America and Americans"
Anonymous printed review (from The New World, 1840) of Homeward Bound, charging James Fenimore Cooper with a libel on the character of America and Americans in his fiction.

 Mark Twain's "Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses"
The text of Twain's famous and hilarious--and unfair, of course--essay, in a text typed by Barbara E. Walton and maintained at a Mark Twain site created by "".

 Mark Twain on Cooper
More comments from other sources than the "Literary Offenses" essay.

 Mel ville on Cooper
This link is to a page at the Herman Melville Web site. The title of the page is "Melville's Reflections" and includes musings on a wide variety of topics, including Cooper.

 Ken Marsh
Purely gratuitous--and therefore very interesting--comment by a computer scientist on his Home Page.

Resources for Research

Perspectives in American Literature
"Perspectives in American Literature: A Research and Reference Guide" by Paul P. Reuben, is "an online ongoing project; new information is added regularly." The third chapter, entitled "Early 19th Century: Romanticism," contains a section on Cooper, including a portrait, a brief biography, a selected bibliography, and a chronology of Cooper's major works. (There are similar sections on Irving, Hawthorne, Melville, Stowe, Poe, Harriet Wilson, Harriet Jacobs, George Copway, William Wells Brown, and so on--a very useful resource.)

 HISTORY & THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS ... Seeing Through the Distant Haze
"This page will be featuring recent photos of many of the real-life sites featured in The Last of the Mohicans. In addition, there will be biographies of the true life characters, historical tellings of some of the events in the book/film, information on James Fenimore Cooper, and more."

 The American Antiquarian Society
The AAS is now the main repository of Cooper manuscripts as well as one of the best research libraries in the country for early American literature. The Gopher server has a number of descriptive materials and a Telnet link to the AAS on-line catalogue.

 New York State Historical Museum
A site featuring art samples from the Fenimore House Museum and Farmer's Museum collections, including a portrait of Cooper and illustrations from The Pioneers and The Prairie.

Romancing the Indian
Created by Adriana Rissetto, University of Virginia
A very interesting use of Web technology, this site consists of a four "chapters": an introduction, a section on Cooper's Indians, a section on Mark Twain's Indians, and a section on other popular representations of Indians in 19th-century culture, including those of Washington Irving, Lydia Maria Child, and Currier and Ives. Well designed and well illustrated, the site also contains links to a "synoptic" version of Henry Nash Smith's Virgin Land, the full text of Frederick Jackson Turner's 1893 essay, "The Significance of the Frontier in American History," and more.

Historical Backgrounds

From Revolution to Reconstruction
This is "an HTML-hypertext on American History, from the colonial period until Modern Times" created by George Welling in the Netherlands.

 1755--The French and Indian War
A historical Web site created by Larry Roux in Syracuse, New York.

 U.S. History--Revolutionary Cycle
A densely-packed site of historical information and links created by William Murray of Seattle, Washington.

Native American Links

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
A central index with links listed by category: Culture, History, Language, Health, Indigenous Knowledge, Language, Artists, Museums, Books, Electronic Resources, Music, Bibliographies, Home Pages, etc. An important nexus of Internet activity.

 Native American Electronic Text Resources on the Internet
Links to a large number of texts posted on the Web, including the Iroquois Constitution, many autobiographical articles and transcriptions, selected magazine articles from the period 1880 to 1905, contemporary pieces by writers like Russel Banks, Alexie Sherman, and Leslie Marmon Silko, scholarly articles, newspaper reports, and more.

Mahican History
"When James Fenimore Cooper wrote "Last of the Mohicans" in 1826, he made the Mahican famous. Unfortunately, he also made them extinct in the minds of many people and confused their name and history with the Mohegan from eastern Connecticut. This error has persisted, and most Americans today would be surprised to learn that the Mahican are very much alive and living in Wisconsin under an assumed name ...Stockbridge Indians." If you doubt the liveliness of the Mahican people, try this engaging history. Links to other "First Nations'" histories makes this a very useful site for readers of Cooper's novels.

 Native Circle
Debra Wichell hosts a Native-American oriented radio program in the Albany, New York area, and this is the Home Page for that program. Much information about Native American music, performers, etc.

 The Mohicans
Debra Winchell's page about Mohicans: history, culture, archaeology, current events, and more.

 The Stockbridge Munsee Tribe of Mohican Indians
Another page, focused on the Stockbridge people, maintained by Bravearrow (Robert Shubinski, MD).

Of Related and General Interest

Burlington City, New Jersey - James Fenimore Cooper House
Tourist information about the house where Cooper was born (but spent very little of his life!).

 MOHICAN MUSINGS ... Photos & a Collage of Good Stuff
This is primarily a publicity-page connected to Michael Mann's movie version of The Last of the Mohicans.

 William Monie, Books
Web site for a used-book store at 139 Main St. Cooperstown, New York, specializing in "Americana, Literature, Religion & Theology, Ephemera, Baseball, New York State, General ." Not a bad place to look for Cooperiana, either.

 Nautical Literature Page
A page maintained by a nautical-literature enthusiast--John Kohnen--for others of the same persuasion. Not specifically about Cooper's sea tales, but contains links to many related texts, e.g. Dana's Two Years Before the Mast.

Mystic Seaport
Web site for "the museum of America and the sea" in Mystic, Connecticut.

 Fort William Henry
The Fort William Henry Resort and Hotel Web page! A good place to reflect on how much the American scene has changed. A few nice pictures of the area. Critical Assessments and Comments

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