Useful Links for the Study of Melville and His Era

Melville-specific sites

The Life and Works of Herman Melville
Maintained by John Bryant, this is the home base for Melville scholarship on the Web. Includes a link to "Ishmail," the Melville e-mail discussion list.

 Pictures of Arrowhead
A Melville enthusiast posts the pictures he took of Arrowhead, the farmhouse near Pittsfield, MA, where Melville lived while writing Moby-Dick.

 Melville Among the Nations [I]
Pictures from the Melville Society conference in Greece, 1997. (These are evidently meant to demonstrate that Melville scholars are not dry-as-dust swots, after all.)

 Melville Among the Nations [II]
More pictures from Greece.

 Melville Among the Nations [III]
Still more pictures.

Some Other 19th-century American Writers

About Edgar Allan Poe

 The Poe Perplex

 The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, the complete text.

 Nathaniel Hawthorne

 Edgar Allan Poe's House of Usher
A site maintained by a real Poe enthusiast.

 Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers Web

Other Sites for Exploring 19th-century American Culture

American Memory Collections
A huge and ever-growing archive of original materials--photographs, sound files, movie clips, manuscripts--maintained at the Library of Congress.

 Buffalo Americanist Digest
An annotated listing of current scholarship in American literature, culture and history. It summarizes articles currently appearing in journals such as American Literature and American Literary History. Extremely useful.

 American Authors on the Web
A Japanese (!) index to everything American. Useful for its comprehensive sweep.

 American Antiquarian Society
The Antiquarian Society's Gopher Site.

 Wildernet: American Environment and American Culture
A site maintained at Yale--great pictures, and a real illustration of the possibilities created by Web technology.

 Godey's Lady's Book Online
The original 1850 publication in digitized form.

 The Illustrating Traveler: Adventure and Illustration in North America and the Caribbean 1760-1895 (A Beinecke Rare Book and Mauscript Library Exhibition)

 Nineteenth Century U.S. Historical Text Archive (Jefferson papers; Louisiana Purchase; Monroe Doctrine; Slavery; Women's movement; and much more.)

More Tools

The Voice of the Shuttle
The largest, most comprehensive, and most varied index for Humanities research on the Web.

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