Resources for Teachers


General Resources

Center for Literary and Cultural Studies (Harvard)

Every BC grad student should know about this cluster of seminars on a remarkable variety of topics:  American Literature and Culture; Biography; Eighteenth-century Literature and Culture; Law and Literature; Lesbian/Gay Studies; Medieval Literature and Culture; Modernism; Psychoanalytic Practices; etc., etc.  Coming in the Fall, new seminars in Buddhist Studies, Ethnomusicology, and Music and Its Audience.  Anyone is welcome at seminar meetings; some seminars have pre-circulated papers.  See the "Newsletter" for schedules, "Map" for directions.

Internet Literacy:  Using the WWW as a Source of Information

Tips for separating the wheat from the chaff on the Net:  what is reasonable and reliable and what is irrational and polluted.  (And all those in-between states, too.)  From Queensland University in Australia.

Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters and Academic Discussion Lists

A search engine for finding information helpful to teachers.
MLA Style

An on-line version of the MLA Style Manual--useful for helping students find proper citation styles.

Citing Electronic Sources in Footnotes and Bibliographies

University of Oregon listing of a variety of style manuals, including MLA, Turabian, and Li & Crane.

Your Web Site

Yale Style Manual

A style manual for Web Sites--many suggestions for appearance and architecture.  Includes links to backgrounds, decorations, buttons, etc.

Guidelines for Electronic Scholarly Editions

Thinking of putting your favorite Jacobean tragedy on-line?  Here is the MLA's site attempting to create uniform standards for doing it.

Composition and Rhetoric


A page with very basic resources, directions and examples like "Clearly sturctured essays:  some simple advice" and "Close readings of short fiction."


An index to sites about hypertext, hypermedia, virtual communities, and more.

Strunk's Elements of Style

The original (before E. B. White joined in), for that minimalist approach to matters of style in writing.

Common Errors in English

Students driving you nuts by writing "alot" when they mean "a lot," "imply" when they mean "infer," and that kind of thing?  Send 'em to this page for an explanation--and a daunting list of scores of other errors they can make in their native tongue.

Kairos:  A Journal for Teachers of Writing in a Webbed Environment

A way of keeping up with the very latest.

Rhetorical Resources

A Website set up in conjunction with a course on Rhetoric and Compostion taught by Ed Lamoureux at Bradley University.  Many links to resources in Classical and Medieval Rhetoric, other course syllabi, etc.

Introduction to Literature

The Norton Introduction to American Literature Web Page

A web resource for teachers using the Norton Anthology.  Help building a syllabus, historical tidbits, etc.
Writing about Literature

A University of Oregon site with instructions and resources for "Doing research, writing papers, etc.," "Journals, electronic and otherwise," and so forth.
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