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Hi ! Welcome to my home page.

I'm the Robert A. and Evelyn J. Ferris Chair and a professor of Organizational Studies in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. I'm also a member of the Religious of the Sacred Heart, an international women's Roman Catholic religious order. On the Myers-Briggs I'm an INFJ. On the enneagram I'm a six. Now you know everything relevant.



My primary substantive research interests focus on organizational change and transformation, with related interests in social cognition, affect, and conflict.  My primary methodological research interests concern insider-outsider research collaborations.


Some representative publications that indicate both my substantive and methodological interests.


You can also print out a copy of my vita.


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Fall 2008 course:

Research Seminar I and II (a course primarily for second and third year doctoral students to facilitate their accomplishing individual research. The syllabus alternates every other year.)

Spring 2009 course:

Managing organizational change



I am a past president of the Academy of Management, the premier association in the world for scholars of management. I am also associate editor of the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, a former chair of the Advisory Committee for the Academy of Management Journal, and on the editorial boards of several other journals.


AoM Presidential Address

This is the text (together with the slides) of the Presidential Address I gave to the Academy of Management meeting in Denver, in August 2002. A text version can be found in the April 2003 issue of the Academy of Management Review, accessible from my representative publications.


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