Teaching for Social Competency

Teaching for Social Justice

Open Circle

We teach this structured social-competency program developed at the Stone Center at Wellesley College. Whole-class circles meet once or twice per week to discuss topics like responsibilty, teasing, and problem solving. This program is utilized across the grade levels at Franklin, and as a result, teachers and children are provided with a common language to use.


All teachers model Franklin’s Core Values, and we expect students to be respectful, take responsibility for their own learning, work hard, and do their best each day.

Consistent Routines

We believe that children benefit from a structured learning environment. We have consistent systems and routines for homework check-in, “morning work,” and behavior expectations. This does NOT mean that flexibility is not modeled. Rather, students know that they are coming into a room with a predicatable environment, where they feel safe and secure.

We encourage students to ask questions, take risks, and challenge themselves to be "the best they can be!"

Respect for Differences

We acknowledge and celebrate differences between and among ourselves and our students. We believe that everyone can work together, and that our classroom groups will become "communities of learners." Individuals are celebrated through our "Student of the Week" activity!

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