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Program for the 2004 Financial Research Association Meeting
Aladdin Resort and Casino
December 18th and 19th, 2004

Session 1

Seasonality in the Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns
Authors: Steven Heston and Ronnie Sadka
Discussant: Adam Reed
Published: Journal of Financial Economics, 2008

Does Aggregate Balance Sheet Bloat Predict Expected Returns?
Authors: David Hirshleifer, Kewei Hou, and Siew Hong Teoh
Discussant: Joe Chen
Published: Journal of Financial Economics, 2009

The Impact of Clientele Change: Evidence from Stock Splits
Authors: Arturo Bris, William Goetzmann, Shane Shephard, and Ning Zhu
Discussant: Christopher Polk
Published: Currently Unpublished

Session 2

Portfolio Concentration and the Performance of Individual Investors
Authors: Zoran Ivkovich , Clemens Sialm, and Scott Weisbenner
Discussant: Daniel Bergstresser
Published: Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2009

Tightening Credit Standards: Fact or Fiction?
Authors: Philippe Jorion, Charles Shi, and Sanjian Zhang
Discussant: Antonio Bernardo
Published: Review of Accounting Studies , 2009

Wine Tasting Reception
"Wine Regions of France" at Orantique in the Paris Casino

Session 3

Holdups, Renegotiations, and Termination Fees in Stock Mergers
Authors: Edith Hotchkiss, Weihong Song, and Jun Qian
Discussant: Michael Lemmon
Published: Currently Unpublished

Distance and Acquirer Returns
Authors: Simi Kedia and Venkatesh Panchapagesan
Discussant: Micah Officer
Published: Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2008

Decoupling CEO wealth and firm performance: The case of acquiring CEOs
Authors: Jarrad Harford and Kai Li
Discussant: Yaniv Grinstein
Published: Journal of Finance, 2007

Session 4

Stocks or Options? Moral Hazard and Bankruptcy
Authors: Ohad Kadan and Jeroen Swinkels
Discussant: Jeffrey Zwiebel
Published: Review of Financial Studies, 2008

Are Busy Boards Effective Monitors?
Authors: Eliezer Fich and Anil Shivdasani
Discussant: Anup Agrawal
Published: Journal of Finance , 2006

Dinner at Commander's Palace in the Desert Passage






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