Course description: Linear algebra is the study of linear equations and systems of linear equations. Systems of linear equations can be solved using direct solution methods, matrix algebra methods, and vector space methods. Each level of abstraction gives us new insights into the original problem, and provides us with tools for solving additional problems.

This course introduces the concepts of linear algebra to students in mathematics, the natural and social sciences, and management. Geometric interpretation and visualization will be emphasized throughout the course. The essential requirement for the course is a working knowledge of algebra and analytic geometry. Familiarity with ideas from differential and integral calculus will also be assumed.

Spring 2018 course information: The main text for the course is Linear Algebra and Its Applications, Fifth Edition by University of Maryland Professor David Lay (Addison Wesley, 2016).

Course notes: notebook1, notebook2, notebook3, notebook4.

Course syllabus (important information you need to know, updated 1/25).

Additional information: first day lecture (lecture01),

Students are encouraged to look at the web materials on linear algebra developed by MIT Professor Gil Strang.