Course description: MT 235 introduces students to the modeling approach to managerial decision making. The course emphasizes building mathematical models for problems typically faced by managers, examining ways to solve these problems using spreadsheet tools, and interpreting the problems in the context of the original management problem.

The course includes introductions to linear and nonlinear programming, and to decision analysis. Essential requirements for the course are a working knowledge of high school algebra, a working knowledge of differential calculus at the level of MT100, a working knowledge of concepts from probability theory (as learned in EC151 Business Statistics), and a working knowledge of spreadsheet modeling (as learned in MC021 Computers in Management).

MT235 is a required course for students in the Carroll School of Management (CSOM). It is generally taken by CSOM sophomores who have completed MT100, EC151 and MC021 during their freshman year.

Fall 2002 course information: The main texts for the course are Contemporary Management Science with Spreadsheets by University of Cincinnati Professors David Anderson and Dennis Sweeney and RIT Professor Thomas Williams (South-Western College Publishing, 1999) and a supplementary chapter on optimizing differentiable functions of more than one variable. In addition, there are downloadable notebooks (notes00, notes01, notes02, notes03, notes04, notes05, notes06, notes07, notes08, notes09, notes10).

Additional information: This course was developed during the 2000/1 academic year by faculty in Mathematics and in the Carroll School of Management. The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences provided graduate assistant support to develop the course. Both Mathematics and CSOM faculty members teach the course.