Course description: Doctoral students in the behavioral and social sciences and in the professional schools at Boston College use statistical methods extensively in their coursework and research projects. Most, however, are not familiar with the mathematical background needed to understand statistical principles and methods. MT580 is designed to fill this gap.

The course begins with an introduction to the principles of probability theory, and focuses on discrete methods, contin-
uous methods (single and multivariable calculus), and linear algebra methods used in probability and statistics. Applications to statistics are emphasized throughout.

Fall 2006 course information: The main text for the course is a custom set of course notes (mt580). A list of additional readings is given on the last page of the notes.

Additional information: MT580 course development was supported in 2004/5 by the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. This course can be used to fulfill the applied mathematics requirement of the Graduate Statistics Minor; information about the minor can be obtained here.