Course description: Although statistical methods have become the analytical methods of choice in areas as diverse as biomedical and environmental sciences, geophysics, education, psychology, sociology, political science, physics, astronomy, and communications, they are often misunderstood and misused.

In this course we will study intermediate statistics from several viewpoints, including classical methods, graphical methods, and modern computer-intensive methods. The multiple approach to learning should give you a deeper understanding and appreciation for the field of statistics. Applications will be emphasized throughout the course.

MT480/MT853 is the third course in a mathematical statistics sequence. You should be familiar with probability distributions (such as the binomial, Poisson and normal distributions), data summaries (such as the sample mean, sample variance, sample median), point and interval estimation methods (such as constructing a confidence interval for the variance of a normal distribution), the central limit theorem, maximum likelihood and likelihood ratio methods, and computer solutions.

Spring 2018 course information: In Spring 2018, this course will be offered as a 400-level topics course, MATH448001. Materials will be drawn from the text Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis, Third Edition by UC Berkeley Professor John Rice (Duxbury Press, 2007) and from my ASA-SIAM text.

Syllabus (important information you need to know, updated 1/25).

Course notes: notebook1 (review materials), notebook2, notebook3, notebook4, notebook5.

Additional materials: first day lecture (lecture01), 

Probability theory course notes based on the Rice textbook can be obtained here, and mathematical statistics course notes based on the Rice textbook can be obtained here.