Jeremy Shakun
Assistant Professor









Celeste Gambino
MS student 2016-present
"Plio-Pleistocene U-Pb chronology of Arctic speleothem deposition"








Chris Halsted
MS student 2016-present
"Collapse of the New England sector of the Laurentide Ice Sheet from 10Be dipsticks"








Cole Vickers
MS student 2016-present
"Current tropical glacier extent in the context of the Holocene from paired 14C-10Be measurements"






Lee Corbett
Postdoctoral Associate 2016
"Plio-Pleistocene exposure and erosion history of the Greenland Ice Sheet from 10Be and 26Al records in marine sediments"





Allie Koester
MS 2017
"Reconstructing Laurentide Ice Sheet thinning in Acadia National Park, ME and Mt. Washington, NH with 10Be dipsticks"







Nikki Biller
MS 2017
"Pleistocene permafrost thawing history of Alaska, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories from U-Th dating of cave speleothems"










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Heather Roman-Stork, B.S. 2016, "A late Holocene speleothem record of Caribbean climate from Puerto Rico"
Courtney Cameron, B.S. 2016, "What controls views on climate change at Boston College?"
Kristy Barnes, B.S. 2015, “A paleoclimate reconstruction using beetles at Arclid Quarry, Cheshire”
Andrew Jones, B.S. 2015, “Testing the freshwater routing hypothesis for abrupt climate change with a Hudson River paleodischarge record”
Christine Pang, B.S. 2015, “Global warming or global cooling? Reconstructing ocean heat content changes over the past 10,000 years”
Caitlin Rixey, B.S. 2015, “A statistical analysis of causes of temperature variability over glacial cycles”