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Come and check out Trey Songz's latest Album, Passion Pain & Pleasure.

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Trey's Albums

Here are the albums that Trey Songz has released to date. Starting from the latest to his first.
  1. Passion Pain & Pleasure
  2. The latest album that Trey Songz has released. This album alone shows how much potiental

    he has and his music will just keep going. The hit tracks of this album are Can't Be Friends,

    Love me Better, and Bottoms Up (Feat. Niki Minaj).
  3. Ready
  4. Ready is an album that expresses a lot of feelings he has. Ready was the album that set him off from all the rest. The songs shows the sweet kind he has himself and how he knows how to

    to party. All these songs on this album have a deep meaning to them and some are meant for

    for girls that were in his life. Those songs are I Invented Sex, Say Aah (Feat. Fabolous),

    and I Need A Girl.
  5. Trey Day
  6. The album Trey Day did not make a big disturbance in the music world. But these songs helped

    Trey Songz continue to leave his beginning few steps in the music world. In this album, it

    helped people recongize him for his soft melody that hypnotize people along with his strong

    vocals in the words he sang. A few tracks that stood out from this album was Can't Help But

    Wait, Missin You, and We Should Be.

  7. I Gotta Make It
  8. This album was the first album that let Trey Songz leave his mark on the music industry.

    Even though the album wasn't at its possible peak it was able to break the barrier and help

    Trey Songz show he has something to offer to the people. The lyrics are so mesmorizing to the

    listeners and kept people asking more from Trey. The songs that couldn't be stopped playing

    were Gotta Make It, Just Wanna Cut, and From A Woman's Hand.