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We are a young group of chemical biologists at Boston College. Our research program centers on a critical cellular component: the cell membrane. Defining the boundary of a cell, the plasma membrane hosts close to a third of the entire proteome and mediates numerous signaling pathways. We take a multidisciplinary approach to elucidate the key molecular recognition events involving lipids and/or membrane-embedded proteins. Rational design and chemical synthesis of small molecule tools is an indispensible part of our research.

February 2016
Anupam won the Young Invetigator 1st prize at the Peptide Gordon Conference. Good Job, Anupam!

Anupam's paper on peptide cyclization is accepted into JACS and Breanna's paper on new gA mutants is accepted into ChemMedChem. Congrats to both of them!

January 2016
Chelsea Weidman and Wenjian Wang join the lab. Welcome, Chelsea and Wenjian!

February 2015
Anupam's paper is to publish in Nature Communications. Good job, Anupam!

January 2015
Sam Cambray and Kaicheng Li join the lab. Welcome, Sam and Kaicheng!

November 2014
Prof. Flavia Zacconi from Chile joins the lab as a visiting scholar. Welcome, Flavia!