Department of Chemistry
Boston College

Gao Research Group

Synthetic Amino Acids
Membrane Active Peptides
Bacterial Targeting
Tumor Targeting





Group Members

Principal Investigator

Jianmin Gao, Ph.D., 2004, Stanford University

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Anupam Bandyopadhyay, Ph.D., IISER-Pune, India. (Web Page)

Graduate Students

Azade Hosseini, 5th year graduate student     M.S. 2011, University at Buffalo

Breanna Zerfas, 4th year graduate student     B.S. 2012, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Kelly McCarthy, 3rd year graduate student     B.S. 2013, Stonehill College

Mike Kelly, 3rd year graduate student     B.S. 2013, Lehigh university

Samantha Cambray, 2nd year graduate student     B.S. 2014, Villanova University

Kaicheng Li, 2nd year graduate student     B.S.2014, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Chelsea Weidman, 1st year graduate student     B.S.2015, Rochester Institute of Technology

Wenjian Wang, 1st year graduate student     B.S.2015, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Undergraduate Researchers

Yechaan (Eric) Joo   Boston College (class of 2014)

Former Group Memebers and Current Positions

Dr. Tao Ye (Post-doc)              Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science

Dr. Xiuling Chi (Post-doc)       Kolltan Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Dr. Hong Zheng Ph.D., 2012    Ra Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge

Dr. Luoheng Qin Ph.D., 2012   Eli Lilly R&D, Shanghai, China

Dr. Fang Wang Ph.D., 2012      Amgen

Dr. Chris Pace Ph.D., 2013      Globaldata

Dr. Yue Zhao Ph.D., 2015        Jordi Labs, MA.

Kristen Demick M.S., 2009      High School Teacher, Melrose, MA

Nanjiu Liu M.S. 2011               Biotech Industry

Lauren Blair M.S. 2015           Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA.

Kevin Lebo Undergraduate    John Hopkins Biophysics Ph.D. Program

Cassandra Abel Undergraduate    Pharmaceutical Industry

Kristofer Comeforo Undergraduate    Teach for America

Julian Vastl Undergraduate    Yale, Chemistry Ph.D. Program

Nicole Ciccolo Undergraduate    Clinical Research Assistant, Massachusetts General Hospital

Ruben Mylvaganam Undergraduate    NYU Medical School

Adrian Ong Undergraduate    SUNY Buffalo Medical School

Chris Sheridan Undergraduate    Boston College

Patrick Wong Undergraduate    Post-Bac Program in NIH

Diane Kim Undergraduate       BU Masters in Medical Sciences Program

Chris Vaudo Undergraduate    Boston College

Sara Daley Undergraduate    Princeton University, Chemistry, Ph.D Program