Jiří Chod

PhD, University of Rochester, 2005

Associate Professor of Operations Management

Carroll School of Management

Boston College





Research Interests

My research interests span operations management, corporate finance, and the interface of the two. My pure OM papers study different aspects of operational flexibility. My finance and “interface” research focuses on operational as well as strategic implications of various forms of financing (equity, debt, trade credit, crypto currencies).


Research Papers


Platform tokenization: Financing, governance, and moral hazard

J Chod, N Trichakis, SA Yang

Under review

A Theory of ICOs: Diversification, agency, and information asymmetry

J Chod, E Lyandres

Under revision

On the learning benefits of resource flexibility

J Chod, M Markakis, N Trichakis

Under revision

On the financing benefits of supply chain transparency and blockchain adoption

J Chod, N Trichakis, G Tsoukalas, H Aspegren, M Weber

Management Science forthcoming

Supplier diversification under buyer risk

J Chod, N Trichakis, G Tsoukalas

Management Science 65(7)

Trade credit and supplier competition

J Chod, E Lyandres, SA Yang

Journal of Financial Economics 131(2)

Inventory, risk shifting, and trade credit

J Chod

Management Science 63(10)

Resource flexibility and capital structure

J Chod, J Zhou

Management Science 60(3)

Strategic IPOs and product market competition

J Chod, E Lyandres

Journal of Financial Economics 100(1)

Operational flexibility and financial hedging: Substitutes or complements?

J Chod, N Rudi, JA Van Mieghem

Management Science 56(6)

The Value of flexibility in make-to-order systems: The Effect of demand correlation

J Chod, D Pyke, N Rudi

Operations Research 58(4)

Strategic investments, trading and pricing under forecast updating

J Chod, N Rudi

Management Science 52(12)

Resource flexibility with responsive pricing

J Chod, N Rudi

Operations Research 53(3)