EN221.02 Introduction to Creative Writing
EN221.01 Introduction to Creative Writing

Prof. John M. Anderson
M W F 10
Gasson 210
Web Site: www2.bc.edu/~andersjb
Office: Carney 343
Phone: (617) 552-0556
Office Hours WF 11-12
(and by appointment)

Required Texts

The Practice of Poetry: Writing Exercises from Poets Who Teach, ed. Robin Behn and Chase Twichell (Harper, 1992)

bird by bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, Anne Lamott (New York: Random House, 1994)

Class Schedule

Mon. 1/14 Introductions

Wed. 1/16 Practice session: Word Hoards

Fri. 1/18 Practice session: Musical phrase vs. Metronome

Mon. 1/21 MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY--no classes

Wed. 1/23 Practice session: Rhyme (interior, off-, etc.) and line breaks

Fri. 1/25 Workshops begin

Mon. 1/28 Workshops (Image)

Wed. 1/30 Workshops (Surrealism, collage)

Fri. 2/1 No Class--AWP Conference (We'll conference next week)

Mon. 2/4 Practice session: Metaphor

Wed. 2/6 Workshops (Implied metaphor)

Fri. 2/8 Workshops (Narrative)

Mon. 2/11 Workshops (Fractured narrative)

Wed. 2/13 Workshops (Disguised narrative)

Fri. 2/15 Presentations (bring a published poem, lead an exercise)

Mon. 2/18 Presentations

Wed. 2/20 Presentations

Fri. 2/22 Workshops (Selection)

Mon. 2/25 Workshops (Justification)

Wed. 2/27 Workshops (Portfolio construction)

Fri. 2/29 Poetry Portfolios Due; Poetry Reading

Mon. 3/3-Fri. 3/7 SPRING BREAK

Mon. 3/10 Practice Session: Crises

Wed. 3/12 Practice Session: Significant action

Fri. 3/14 Practice Session: Character tests

Mon. 3/17 Workshops begin

Wed. 3/19 Workshops (Narrator as character)

Fri. 3/20-Mon. 3/24 EASTER WEEKEND -- no classes

Wed. 3/26Workshops (Setting as character)

Fri. 3/28 Workshops (Story versus plot--significant action reprise)

Mon. 3/31 Practice Session: Inner and outer voices

Wed. 4/2 Practice Session: Multiple perspectives

Fri. 4/4 Workshops (Scene versus summary)

Mon. 4/7Workshops (Hidden agendas)

Wed. 4/9 Workshops (Reader expectations and echoes)

Fri. 4/11 Workshops (View finders)

Mon. 4/14 Practice session: Letting go

Wed. 4/16 Workshops (Raids on the inarticulate)

Fri. 4/18 Workshops (Interrupt)

Mon. 4/21 PATRIOT'S DAY -- no classes

Wed. 4/23 Workshops (Genre switching)

Fri. 4/25 Workshops (Shooting the moon)

Mon. 4/28 Portfolio revision

Wed. 4/30 Last day Fiction Portfolios Due

Tue. 5/6 9:00 a.m. Portfolio Readings


The grade in this class is based on three more or less equal factors: class participation (includes WRITING EVERY DAY and bringing what you've written to class, attendance, discussion, class work, etc.); a poetry portfolio (due February 29, including seven finished poems ordered into a nice-looking small chapbook with a title and a two-page introduction); and a fiction portfolio (due April 30, including ten pages of polished fiction and a two-page introduction).

Pithy remarks about good poets stealing aside, the BC policy against plagiarism is strictly enforced in this course. Acknowledge all your sources and do your own work.

Questions? Write Professor Anderson at: andersjb@bc.edu