John Dacey's Resumé


State University of New York at Binghamton, 1963, B. A., Social Science
Cornell University, 1964, M. A. T., Social Science
Cornell University, 1966, Ph. D., Developmental and Educational Psychology


2003- Pres. Director of Resources, Unitarian-Universalist Urban Ministry, Roxbury, MA
2003- Pres. Professor Emeritus and Senior Lecturer
1980-2003. Full Professor, Boston College
1968-1988, Chair, Developmental and Educational
1990-1995 Psychology Program
1969-1980 Associate Professor, Boston College
1966-1969 Assistant Professor, Boston College
1965-1966 Teaching Assistant, Cornell University
1963-1964 Research Assistant, Cornell University
1963-1964 Teaching Intern, MacArthur School, Binghamton, N. Y.


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(21 earlier articles in such journals as The Journal of Educational Research, The British Journal of Educational Psychology, The Journal of Creative Behavior, and Psychology in the Schools.)


American Psychological Association
American Educational Research Association
Northeastern Educational Research Association
New England Educational Research Organization


Licensed by the Board of Psychologists of Massachusetts as a psychotherapist since 1973 (License #1579).

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