The Safe Child Handbook

Book Reviews
This book does a fine job of explaining the crucial role of parents in keeping children safe in these challenging times, including how to work with local law enforcement agencies.
Kathleen O'Toole
Commissioner, Boston Police Department
As a pediatrician, I deal with the fears and phobias of children. When these are compounded by parental anxieties, the challenges of addressing the problems are magnified. The world is full of potential dangers, many of which are captured by the media who bring distant problems into our homes. The Safe Child Handbook offers a practical and insightful approach and is a valuable guide to both parents and professionals.
Carol Berkowitz, M.D.
Executive Vice Chair and Professor
Department of Pediatrics Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
David Geffen
School of Medicine at UCLA
Past President, The American Academy of Pediatricians
The National Partnership for Women and Families is committed to promoting an environment that is safe for our constituents, both physically and psychologically. This book has the same two goals, and I believe the authors have succeeded admirably, providing mothers with an array of extremely valuable techniques, stories, checklists and advice.
Debra L. Ness
President, National Partnership for Women and Families
This handbook has wonderfully addressed the question: how can a parent acknowledge real contemporary fears and help assure their children's safety, and at the same time promote the children's independence?
Timothy F. Dugan, M.D.
Senior Consultant in Education, Cambridge Hospital
Division of Child and Adult Psychiatry
This book offers many useful ideas about keeping children safe, but its chief contributions are the two chapters on how you and your children can cope with fear most effectively. The activities described there will prove invaluable in maintaining your family's mental health in these troubling times. These are helpful methods for reducing anxiety in parents and children.
Gordon L. Ulrey, Ph.D.
Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology
University of California at Davis/School of Medicine
As a parent, teacher, and community activist, I am acutely aware of the dangers that are both unavoidable and, at times, out of our control. This book provides accurate information and simple strategies to encourage people to be proactive, and promotes communication between those who care for children and the children who put their trust in us.
Joan Davidson, M.A.
Past President, Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District
Art Educator, Torrance Unified School District
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