The Safe Child Handbook

How To Protect Your Family And Cope with Anxiety in a Threat-Filled World

Ch. 1. “Doing Too Much Is as Risky as Doing Too Little”


Ch. 2. Weather Emergencies
“What’s Going on with Mother Nature?”

Ch. 3. Kidnapping
“Don’t Go Anywhere without Me!”

Ch. 4. Terrorism
“How Are We Supposed to Know What to Do?”

Ch. 5. Inappropriate Media Influence
“Why Do They Keep Showing that Same Awful Scene?”

Ch. 6. Drug and Alcohol Abuse
“Do You Want to Wind Up in the Gutter?”

Ch. 7. Child Abuse
“Who Can You Trust these Days?”

Ch. 8. School Violence
“You Won’t Put My Son by the Windows, Will You?”

Ch. 9. Making Your House Safe
“Where Are the Dangerous Places?”

Ch. 10. How Can You Help Your Children Cope with Their Fears?

Ch. 11. How Can You Cope with Your Own and Your Family’s Fears?

Appendix A. Lists of Internet Sites, by Type of Threat

Appendix B. References

John S. Dacey, Ph.D. & Lisa B Fiore, Ph.D © 2006