GE173: Weather, Climate, and the Environment Laboratory

Fall 2010


Section:             Tuesday, 12:00-12:50, Devlin 307                        Monday, 3:00-3:50, Devlin 215

                              Wednesday, 3:00-3:50, Devlin 324                     Wednesday, 11:00-11:50, Devlin 307

                              Thursday, 12:00-12:50, Devlin 307


TA:                       Steve Fisher                                                                 Emily Pierce

Office:                Devlin 311                                                                     Devlin 329

Phone:                              617.552.3466                                                                617-552-0786



Office Hours:   Monday, 11:00-12:30                                                Monday, 10:00-11:30

                              Tuesday, 1:00-2:30                                                    Wednesday, 12:00-1:30


Objective:         To explore the topics of meteorology through a hands-on approach and to investigate concepts discussed during lecture in a laboratory setting.


Attendance:     Attendance is mandatory to your assigned weekly laboratory section.  Since there will be several sections of the lab, you may arrange to attend a different section of the lab up to one time during the semester.  Arrangements must be made with your TA at least one week prior to the lab you will switch.  There will be no make-up labs outside of the regularly scheduled sessions.  Students are expected to be on time to the lab.  Coming to lab late may result in a loss of points on the assignment.



Assignments:  Many lab sessions will include an assignment.  These assignments include worksheets and/or a brief lab reports.  Assignments are due the following week at the beginning of lab.  Late assignments will be deducted 10% for each day after the deadline.  Some exercises will be done in small groups or pairs.  However, each student is expected to submit a complete, individual lab assignment.  Labs and assignments may be hand written or typed, but hand written submissions must be completed in pen and legible.  Staple multiple pages.


Quizzes and

Examinations: Short quizzes may be given throughout the semester.  They will typically address the conclusions from the previous weeks lab.  There will be a cumulative lab final on the last laboratory meeting.  All quizzes and the final exam are closed book and closed note.



Presentations: Towards the end of the semester, all students will complete an oral presentation.  The format for the presentation is a weather forecast.  Students will work on this presentation in pairs or small groups.  Each group will be expected to complete the assignments using their knowledge of climate trends and weather systems as presented in lecture and lab.  Further details on this assignment will be provided later in the semester.


Grading:            Assignments....................50%

                              Oral Presentations...20%


                              Lab Final Exam.20%



Integrity:           Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with academic integrity and honesty.  This includes, but is not limited to, a zero tolerance for cheating and plagiarism.  While students are permitted to discuss sections of the assignments, each individual must turn in their own completed final copy, in their own words.  Any infraction of this policy will result in a zero on the assignment and referred to the professor for further disciplinary action.


Laboratory Schedule and Topics (subject to change):


Week of:                          Topic:


9.13                                     Weather Instruments and Measurements

9.20                                     Weather Map Symbols

9.27                                     Climate

10.4                                     Weather Information on the Internet

10.11                                  Air Pressure

10.18                                  El Nino

10.25                                  Winter Storm Tracks

11.1                                     Local Weather Effects

11.8                                     Hurricanes

11.15                                  Weather Prediction (videotaping)

11.22                                  Weather Prediction (videotaping)

11.29                                  Video Showing and Review for Lab Final

12.6                                     Lab Final Exam