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As of May 2003, I have retired from Boston College after 43 years of teaching. I continue my interest in German history, especially the Nazi period, and from time to time offer lectures in the Framingham area. I will continue to maintain the six web sites mentioned below, and I am in the process of opening my large collection of primary source documents which I regularly used in my course, Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. This extensive collection of my translated, and mostly unpublished, primary sources, grew so large over the years -- ending with more than 700 printed pages in 2003 -- that my original intention to publish them has so far been unrealized.

The Internet, on the other hand, seems to be an obvious place to make these sources accessible to the public. The Chapters on the Nazi Seizure of Power in 1933 and on the Gleichschaltung Process are available by clicking below. The large chapter on the origins of World War II is also available.

The large collection of Nazi propaganda posters also contained on this site is still under construction, and requires a password for access.

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Intellectual and Cultural History of Modern Europe (Honors Section)


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I will maintain the following six Web Sites which are partially complete.
I also plan to add several other sites containing my collection of historical maps..

Art in European History 

Propaganda Posters of the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany

Documents on Adolf Hitler and the Weimar Republic  

Documents on the Appeal of National Socialism  

Documents on the Collapse of the Weimar Republic  

Documents on the Nazi Machtergreifung (Seizure of Power)  

Documents on the Gleichschaltung Process  

Documents on the Jews and the Third Reich: 1933-1938  

Documents on the Origins of World War II 

Heineman Family Archives


And two new sites for those interested:

Articles about Retirement of Professor Heineman and my speech to the Honors Convocation, 18 May 2003

Announcements concerning President Dr. Helen Heineman, Framingham State College