HS 064: Cultural and Institutional History of Modern Europe: Honors Section

This course is part of the history department's Core program in Modern European History. The title: Cultural and Institutional History of Modern Europe, indicates that its major focus will be on intellectual developments which then become embodied in institutions (political, cultural, economic). Our task will be to examine how these ideas originated, how people reacted to them, and how the institutions they inspired succeeded or failed to carry out their original designs. This evolution will be examined in chronological order, with attempts to show how technology, scientific discoveries, and social forces (industrialization, population growth, gender roles etc.) affect this process and are in turn affected by it.

Although the focus will be on the European origins of these concepts and institutions of representative government, democracy, and modern understanding of human rights, we will also examine how these same forces were then transmitted to the entire world-a process which is still going on today-thus transforming what was in its origin the contribution of a rather small part of the globe into a world-wide civilization.

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Propaganda Posters of the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany