Map Assignments for History 064

This site contains the weekly map assignments for Professor Heineman's Core History Course, Hs 064.01, the honors section of Cultural and Institutional History of Modern Europe. Each week, students should carefully complete the assigned exercises which are located on this site.

Each assignments consists of four parts. First comes a blank map showing the political divisions of the year in question. The second part, which is located under this map, is a list of the countries which students should be able to identify and locate, noting in particular their relative size and relationship with their neighbors.

Thirdly, students may click up a map which contains the proper identification and location of all the assigned countries. This second map thus serves as both a resource and a review. Students may go directly to this map in order to study it or even download it, but we strongly encourage you to try to complete the assignment of locating and identifying the countries on the blank map for your own learning process..

Finally, each page contains a list of geographical features (rivers, seas, mountains, etc.) which students should learn. To do this, the page is linked to a geographical map where the sites are labeled.

You may, if you wish, proceed directly to the geographical atlas in order to view specific areas of Europe by click on Geographical Atlas.


Please click on the following tabs to open the appropriate map assignment.


Map of Europe in 1763

Map of Europe in 1799

Map of Europe in 1812

Twin Maps of Napoleon's Defeats 1812

Map of Europe in 1815

Map of Europe in 1831

Map of Europe in 1871

Map of Europe in 1882

Map of Europe in 1914

Map of Europe in 1922

Map of Europe in 1929

A Collection of Specialized Maps of the 1930's

Map of Europe in 1939

Map of Europe in 1942

Map of Europe in 1948

A Collection of Maps of the Mid-East 1948-1957

Map of Europe in 1989

Map of Europe in 2002

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