Europe under Napoleon, 1812

This map shows Europe almost entirely under the control of Napoleon. Study the map carefully as a guide to locating the individual states and to answer the following historical questions

1.What additional territories has Napoleon annexed directly to France? (dark blue)

2. What are the names of the two Italian satellite kingdoms of Napoleon in 1812?

3.What French satellite organization has reorganized the various German states?

4. What new state has re-emerged in Central Europe as a French Satellite? Where did Napoleon gain the territory for this new state?

5. What areas of Spain have rebelled against Napoleon's installation of his brother Joseph as King of Spain?

6. What state has served as a toe-hold on the continent for British forces seeking to engage Napoleon?

7. Name the three group of islands which British forces have occupied in the Mediterranean?

8. What has happened to Prussia as a result of her defeat by Napoleon in 1806?

9. What new Empire has emerged in Central Europe as a replacement for the thousand-year-old Holy Roman Empire?

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