On my syllabus, there is the following statement regarding ACADEMIC INTEGRITY:

"Students are responsible for reading and understanding the College's policy in regard to Academic integrity. A printed statement defining plagiarism will be distributed, and its application will be enforced."

Here is that

Plagiarism Statement

Plagiarism is the act of turning into the professor as one's own work, the phrases, sentences, ideas, or graphics of another. Plagiarism may be of two kinds: deliberate plagiarism, in which the student consciously engages in disguising the origins of phrases, sentences, ideas or graphics in order to deceive the professor into thinking that they are the student's own invention. Such a practice is a flagrant violation of academic integrity, and is subject to a variety of punishments, including expulsion from school. All such cases of plagiarism will be reported to the Dean. Fortunately, they are a rare occurrence.

More frequently encountered, however, is what could be termed inadvertent or careless plagiarism. In these cases, through sloppy note-taking, mental laziness, speedy composition (at 3:30 am of an all-nighter), or ignorance of proper citation procedures, without deliberately engaging in a serious attempt to deceive the professor, the student nevertheless commits plagiarism. Most often this occurs in a failure to attribute the specific source of a paraphrased idea, or the use, without quotation marks, of phrases and sentences which are not of the student's composing. Despite the absence of intention to deceive, such practices are still a form of plagiarism, and violate academic practices. Hence, these too are subject to a variety of punishments, including flunking the assignment or even the course.

According to University policy, "it is the student's responsibility to understand and abide by these standards of academic honesty. The student is also responsible, independent of the faculty member's responsibility, to familiarize himself/herself with the details of how plagiarism is to be avoided, and the proper forms for quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing." [Advisor Handbook III, Academic Procedures, p. 10]

While I trust you will give serious attention to your responsibilities in this area, I would like to add the "Heineman Clarification" to the other definitions which you may encounter.

"Five words or more in sequence have to be cited by quotation marks and proper attribution."