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The Films of John J. Michalczyk

Breaking Barriers Series

The Cross and the Star: Jews, Christians and the Holocaust
Of Stars and Shamrocks: Boston's Jews and Irish
In the Shadow of the Reich: Nazi Medicine
December's Dilemma: The Creche, the Dreidel and the Star

Conflict Resolution Series

Out of the Ashes: Northern Ireland's Fragile Peace
Prelude to Kosovo: War and Peace in Bosnia and Croatia
South Africa: Beyond a Miracle
Different Drummers: Daring to Make Peace in the Mideast

Social Justice Documentaries

Unexpected Openings: Northern Ireland's Prisoners
Michael's Eagle Eyes ("I'm in Here!" series)
Displaced: Miracle at St Ottilien
Celtic Waves: The Flow of Irish Emigration

In Production

Healthcare in America: From Main Street to Wall Street


John J. Michalczyk
Etoile Productions
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