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December's Dilemma: The Creche, the Dreidel and the Star

  December's Dilemma: The Creche, the Dreidel and the Star (1997; 28 minutes) is a documentary that examines contemporary interfaith issues associated with the holidays, in particular, with Christmas and Chanukah.

According to Michalczyk, December's Dilemma "offers a fresh view of origins and spirit of the two rich traditions of Christmas and Chanukah. At the same time," he continues, "it reveals the tensions of interfaith marriage, controversies over public displays of religious symbols and isolation during this season of light." This documentary features interviews with leading Jewish and Catholic theologians, clergy, sociologists, authors and teachers. The film is also comprised of traditional Christmas and Chanukah music as well as archival footage and photographs.

For Information and Distribution, Contact:
John J. Michalczyk
(617) 552-3895

Ronald Marsh
1970 Commonwealth Avenue
Brighton, MA 02135
Phone: (617) 783-0203
(purchase price $29.95 DVD/VHS)