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Michael's Eagle Eyes

  "Michael's Eagle Eyes" (2002; 30 minutes), tells the inspiring journey of Michael Nash, a severely disabled young man who overcame a classification of mental retardation and went on to attend school, communicate with others, and even demonstrate his enjoyment of Shakespeare.
Michael Nash's talents, thoughts, words and knowledge were unlocked from his severely disabled body via innovative technology developed by Boston College professors and utilized at BC's Campus School, a learning center for students with severe/multiple disabilities. The technology, called EagleEyes, allows people to control computers by moving their eyes or head, enabling them to run educational and entertainment software, spell out messages and navigate the Internet. "Michael Nash was seen as totally physically and mentally disabled. But his family saw something else in Michael--a vibrant, humorous, intelligent person, bursting with a full range of emotions. Through his own hard work, his family's determination and a revolutionary program at Boston College, Michael proved the experts wrong," said Michalczyk. Boston College's Ronald Marsh served as the film's co-producer, in conjunction with Pulse Media and with the assistance of Doctor Philip DiMattia of the Campus School. The film had its premiere at Boston College in September, 2002.

For Information and Distribution, Contact:
John J. Michalczyk
(617) 552-3895

Ronald Marsh
1970 Commonwealth Avenue
Brighton, MA 02135
Phone: (617) 783-0203
(purchase price $29.95 DVD/VHS)