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Unexpected Openings: Northern Ireland's Prisoners

  Unexpected Openings: Northern Ireland's Prisoners (2000; 60 minutes) studies the evolution of paramilitaries in Northern Ireland with respect to the ongoing peace process. It traces the personal narratives of these men who were considered by some as "terrorists" and by others, "freedom fighters."
The documentary, shot in the prisons of Belfast and in the homes and offices of the Loyalist and Republican ex-prisoners, captures the long road of the prisoners' reflection in confinement and their final understanding that their respective objectives could not be attained by violence. Many of these paramilitaries from the Irish Republican Army (IRA), the Ulster Defense Association (UDA), and the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), now returning to society after 15 to 20 years of imprisonment, are currently involved in such activity as social work, politics, and education. These men have become Northern Ireland's hidden resource in the peace process. How will they be accepted, the film questions?

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