John Michael Retterer

Dr. John Michael Retterer is a senior research physicist in the Institute for Scientific Research at Boston College. His work is largely devoted to the study of the ionosphere and thermosphere, including the fundamental problems of turbulence and particle transport. Among the practical applications of this work are the better prediction of space weather, the variable conditions in the Earth's ionosphere and magnetosphere, which affect the communications and navigation systems that rely on radio wave propagation through the ionosphere.

Born in Ohio, raised in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland, he finished his education with a doctorate degree from the University of California, and then settled in Massachusetts. He and his wife are the parents of three children, aged 20, 6, and 2!

Dr. John M. Retterer:Resume

Project:Space Weather Forecasting

Address: Institute for Scientific Research
Boston College
140 Commonwealth Ave.
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
Office: St. Clements Hall, Rm 416
Phone: (617) 552-6364

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