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I am an artist/teacher who in both areas tries to nurture and to challenge.

My primary interest is in manifestations of the numinous, particularly in the conjuncture of religion, sexuality and art. This has led me into diverse, broad and rich areas. These include liturgical and religious studies (aspects of my Roman Catholic background, along with those of Eastern Orthodoxy, Taoism, and Sufism), art history as it touches on related areas (e.g., prehistoric, classical, Byzantine, mannerist, symbolist, and tribal arts), Jungian studies, gender studies, gay studies, the body, and especially how these different areas impact each other and find visual, symbolic and ritual expression.

I have worked in fiber art using basketry and off-loom weaving techniques and on slide performance; however, since the mid-seventies, I have concentrated on liturgical hangings and especially on formal drawings.

The hangings generally take the form of large acrylic paintings on unstretched canvas, done for specific sites.

Much more frequently I make drawings. They build up images out of space and light using myriad pen and ink hatchings. Though I use various sorts of subject matter (archeological sites, architectural and natural landscapes, figures, narratives), they all generally develop in series and have mythic overtones. They explore the tension and the balance between nervous compulsion and calm, growth and erosion, solidity and penetrability, suffering and the erotic. My most recent major work, an extension of a sabbatical project, is a sequence of 42 drawings based on the Apocalypse.

In addition, I teach all levels of drawing as well as interdisciplinary seminar courses which focus more explicitly on the holistic and my personal interests in symbol and archetype, especially as embodied in art.

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