About Me

Joseph Nugent

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

An Assistant Professor of English Literature at Boston College, I teach 19th and 20th century Anglo-Irish literature, the Victorian novel, and Irish language. My research interests revolve around James Joyce (esp. Finnegans Wake), masculinity studies, Irish religious discourse, and nationalism. I've articles published or forthcoming on Joyce, Irish homiletics, and on emulation and clerical training. I'm currently writing a manuscript on representations of the Irish priesthood around the turn of the twentieth century. But recently, my interests have turned to the work of social psychologists and olfactory scientists on the burgeoning field of sensory perception. So, I'm paying some attention to the role of smells in literature.

Originally from Ireland, my hometown, Mullingar, is of little importance except that James Joyce spent a couple of very important summers (1900 and 1901) there, while he was a university student. The town features in Ulysses and in Stephen Hero, and make odd appearances in the Wake.

There is, however, quite a wonderful song about the town, “Lines in Praise of the Famous City of Mullingar.” It's a piece of tongue-in-cheek nonsense dating from the 19th century, but it's got some wonderful rhymes. Given a sufficiency of Guinness, I've been known to sing it myself. I'll add the words somewhere on site.

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