Joseph M. O'Keefe, S.J.

Dean of the Lynch School of Education at Boston College

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Member of Governing Board:
Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice

Guest Editor:
Momentum XXVIII
Private School Monitor

Spencer Foundation, Major Grants
Articles for Catholic Education, Ethos & Education, Journal of Moral Education, Momentum
American Educational Research Association


Conferences at Boston College:
Conversations in Excellence, the annual gathering of SPICE (Selected Programs for Improving
Catholic Education), a Boston College - National Catholic Educational Association initiative to
identify and diffuse innovations in Catholic schools
            Integrating Mission. July 1996
            Providing for the Diverse Needs of Youth and their Families. July 1997
            Creative Financing and Resourcing of Catholic Schools. July 1998
            Integrating the Social Teachings of the Church into Catholic Schools. July 2000
            Catholic Teacher Recruitment and Formation. June-July 2001
            Educating Young Adolescents in the Catholic Sector. July 2002
            Catholic Schools for Children and Youth in Poverty. July 2003
            Early Childhood Education in the Catholic Sector. July 2004
            Assessing Our Past, Defining Our Future. June 2005
            Preserving Urban Schools June 2006