Associate Professor of Education, Boston College Lynch School of Educational Evaluation

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Joseph Pedulla is currently Associate Professor in the Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation (ERME) Department and Director of the Center for the Study of Testing, Evaluation and Educational Policy (CSTEEP) in the Lynch School of Education (LSOE) at Boston College. He has been Associate Dean in the LSOE and Department Chair of ERME. He has served on technical advisory panels for state testing programs and is currently a member of the Monitoring Committee for the Alabama Teacher Testing Program. He has developed and revised tests and affective instruments for the Jesuit Secondary Education Association, the Boston Public Schools, and the National Catholic Education Association. He has conducted over 50 program evaluations for NSF and school districts. He recently co-authored a report on the results of a national survey of teachers on their views and uses of state-mandated testing programs.



Recent Publications

Shen, C. & Pedulla, J.J. (2000) The relationship between students' achievement and self-perception of competence and rigor of math and science: a cross-national analysis. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice. 7(2), 237-253.

Goldberg, A. & Pedulla, J.J. (2002) Performance differences according to test mode and computer familiarity on a practice GRE. Educational and Psychological Measurement 62(6), 1053-1067.

Abrams, L.M., Pedulla, J.J., & Madaus, G.F. (2003) Views from the classroom: Teachers' opinions of statewide testing programs. Theory into Practice 42(1), 18-29.

Clarke, M., Madaus, G. Pedulla, J. & Shore, A. (2000) An agenda for research on educational testing. The National Board on Educational Testing and Public Policy, v. 1, #1, Boston College.

Shore, A., Pedulla, J., & Clarke, M. (2001) The Building Blocks of State Testing Programs. National Board on Educational Testing and Public Policy, v. 2, #4, Boston College.

Glasnapp, D. & Pedulla, J. (2001) The Revised NCEA ACRE Assessments: Developmental Efforts to Assure Quality Measurement of Appropriate Knowledge and Skills. Momentum, 23(4), 52-55.

Pedulla, J.J., Abrams, L.M., Madaus, G.F., Russell, M.K., Ramos, M.A., & Miao, J. (2003) Perceived effects of state-mandated testing programs on teaching and learning: Findings from a national survey of teachers. The National Board on Educational Testing and Public Policy, Boston College.

Pedulla, J.J. (2003) State-mandated testing: What do teachers think? Educational Leadership 61(3), 42-46.


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