Boston College Geometry/Topology seminar
(Thursdays, 4 pm, Carney 309. Exceptions noted below.)

Fall 2012

September 13: Radu Cebanu (Boston College) A generalization of Property "R"

September 20: Matt Graham (Boston College) Grid movies and marked movies

September 27: Ian Biringer (Boston College) Growth of Betti numbers and a probabilistic take on geometric convergence

October 4: Andy Wand (Harvard) Tightness and open book decompositions

October 11: Stefan Friedl (Cologne) Minimal genus surfaces in 4-manifolds with a free circle action

October 18: Marion Moore Campisi (UT Austin) Bridge distance, Heegaard genus, and exceptional surgeries

October 25: Bruno Benedetti (KTH Stockholm) Smooth and discrete Morse theory

November 1: Joshua Batson (MIT) Non-orientable four-ball genus can be arbitrarily large

November 8: Canceled!

November 15: Double-header!

Carney 308 3pm Tarik Aougab (Yale) Uniform hyperbolicity of the complex of curves

Carney 309 4pm Yi Ni (Caltech) Heegaard Floer correction terms and rational genus bounds

November 22: No seminar (Thanksgiving)

November 29: Cyril Lecuire (Toulouse) Extending mapping classes from the boundary of a handlebody

December 6:

Past Seminars