MT 445: Combinatorics

Fall 2017

The famous logician Frank Plumpton
Ramsey had three pigeons he dumped in-
to two holes and knew
that one contained two
without any further assumption.

The syllabus contains all the basic information about the course.

The class recaps contain a brief day-to-day summary and the reading assignments.

A terse proof of Vizing's theorem, which we sketched in class on November 1.

An exposition of the card trick from the last day of class.

Midterm 2 preparation.

Final preparation.

Problem Sets

PS1, PS1.tex, figure1, PS2, PS2.tex, figure2, figure3, PS3, PS3.tex, PS4, PS4.tex, figure4, PS5, PS5.tex, figure5, figure6, PS6, PS6.tex, PS7.tex, PS7.pdf, figure7, PS8.tex, PS8.pdf, PS9.tex, PS9.pdf, figure8, PS10.tex, PS10.pdf