MT 445: Combinatorics

Fall 2017

The famous logician Frank Plumpton
Ramsey had three pigeons he dumped in-
to two holes and knew
that one contained two
without any further assumption.

The syllabus contains all the basic information about the course.

The class recaps contain a brief day-to-day summary and the reading assignments.

A terse proof of Vizing's theorem, which we sketched in class on November 1.

Midterm 2 preparation.

Problem Sets

PS1, PS1.tex, figure1, PS2, PS2.tex, figure2, figure3, PS3, PS3.tex, PS4, PS4.tex, figure4, PS5, PS5.tex, figure5, figure6, PS6, PS6.tex, PS7.tex, PS7.pdf, figure7, PS8.tex, PS8.pdf, PS9.tex, PS9.pdf, figure8