Julia Elisenda (Eli) Grigsby

Boston College Math Department
BC Geometry/Topology Seminar
Boston Graduate Topology Seminar
(Some) other Boston area topology seminars


I am a professor in the Boston College math department, studying low-dimensional topology.
I have particular interest in interactions between Heegaard Floer homology and Khovanov homology,
as well as applications of both theories to questions about braids, Dehn surgery, and concordance.
I am also learning about learning. I blog about that here.

My Papers
Modern Math Workshop slides

I am co-organizing a triple-header birthday conference in Berkeley (June 25-29, 2018) starring Abby Thompson (60), with supporting cast
members Marty Scharlemann (70) and Rob Kirby (80).

I co-organized the 2016 Hamilton Geometry and Topology Workshop, (August 22-26, 2016), partially supported by my NSF CAREER grant.

I co-organized this topical ICERM workshop (August 4-8, 2014), partially supported by my NSF CAREER grant. See videos of
some of the (excellent) talks here! (Under "Programs and Workshops 2014/Summer 2014")


Here is the website for MT855: Surfaces, braids, and homology-type invariants, Spring 2016.
Here is the website for a graduate reading seminar on the Schoenflies conjecture and generalized property R, co-organized with John Baldwin,
Peter Feller, and Josh Greene during spring 2015.
Here is the website for MT831: Algebraic topology and low-dimensional topology, Fall 2014.
Here is the website for MT855: Applications of homology-type invariants in low-dimensional topology, Spring 2014.
Here is the syllabus for MT216: Intro to Abstract Math, Fall 2013.
Here is the syllabus for MT808: Graduate Algebraic Topology, Fall 2011.
Here is the website for MT210: Linear Algebra, Fall 2010.
Here is the syllabus for MT105: CalculusII-AP, Fall 2009.
Here is the syllabus for the undergraduate knot theory course I taught at Columbia, Fall 2008.

I directed Lisa Piccirillo in a summer research project on Khovanov homology in the Summer of 2011, funded by a BC URF.
Here is the poster she created, summarizing her results.

I co-led a 10-week research program for undergraduates with Jason Behrstock at Columbia University in the Summer of 2008.
Some of the students' final papers:
  • Amy Cen, Summary of research on variants of the Tower of Hanoi
  • So Eun Park, The group of symmetries of the Tower of Hanoi graph, to appear in the American Mathematical Monthly.
  • Michael Rand, On the Frame-Stewart Algorithm for the Tower of Hanoi
  • Ian Spafford, Tower of Hanoi research project
  • Andy Zhang, Properties of the Tower of Hanoi graph for 4 pegs

    Other Links

    I tweet (almost never).

    I blog (even less).

    I have a large mathematical family. (A pic from Rob Kirby's 70th birthday conference at MSRI, August 2008, which I co-organized with
    Rob Schneiderman,Peter Teichner, and Kevin Walker.)

    I am on the board of directors of Girls' Angle, a Cambridge, MA math club for girls.

    KEXP is a Seattle-based radio station that everyone should know about.

    mailing address:
    Eli Grigsby
    Boston College Department of Mathematics
    5th floor, Maloney
    Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3806

    office: 522 Maloney
    fax: 617-552-3789
    phone: 617-552-9289
    email: grigsbyjjjjjjjj(at)bc(dot)edu (Ummm...not really. Delete all but one of the j's and replace "at" and "dot" with their symbols.)