CCR 1 in Puebla, Mexico

Photo Puebla
Puebla is sixty miles southeast of Mexico City.  It was once the principal city of Colonial Mexico.

May 19/20 - June 16


Summer 2007

Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla
Interview with the on-site Director of Language Program

Photo University
Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla is a small Jesuit institution.
There are regular classes in session in May and June so Boston College students will have
the opportunity to mix with Mexican students.

The Course:  Spanish Conversation, Composition and Reading CCR I

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The course is equivalent to RL215 and the syllabus is designed by the coordinators of RL215 so that students will be prepared to continue with RL216 when they return to Boston College in September.  The course will improve Spanish proficiency by focusing on the skills necessary for narration and description in the context of modern Mexican society.  Students should have completed Intermediate or have received a 3 on the AP exam before enrolling in this course.   The course will meet in the mornings with excursions, films and activities in the afternoons designed
to integrate Boston College students into the life of the town.

Prepare to start the Hispanic Studies Minor or Major

The first course for the Hispanic studies minor/major is RL216.  Students who participate in CCR 1 in Puebla will be receive 3 enrichment credits and will be prepared to take RL216 in September.
See RLL for more details on the Hispanic Studies Minor/Major

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Program Fee: Approx. $ 2000 + $1686 tuition = $3686
Fee Includes : Housing, Tuition, Most Activities
Fee does not Include: Meals, Airfare, Personal expenses

** The tuition part of the cost is a BC tuition fee, therefore if you have tuition remission or scholarships toward tuition, you may be able to use that toward this part of the fee. Check with CIPP to find out more info.

Students will live in new dorms on the Puebla Campus. 
Each room has two beds and a private bath; each set of 8 rooms has a social meeting area.

     interior dorms

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For More Information Contact:
Ben Tobin for application and financial information

Prof. Daggett for information on Puebla or the course