Welcome to Ken Porter's BC Home Page

Name: Ken Porter, TC LCAS (Lower Campus A&S)
Electronic Mail: ken.porter@bc.edu

You can find me in Maloney Hall, Rm. 463

Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM

Office phone: 617-552-6310 (on campus extension: 2-6310)

The Following Link will DOWNLOAD a QuickTime video of the "GTD - Getting Things Done" presentation given to the CSS Group on Feb. 12, 2012 by Howard White, Mary Durr and Ro Ohri.  This was a 'last minute' idea thus was filmed with my iPhone. Not bad, considering.

CSS GTD Presentation (300MB)

CSS GTD Presentation (1.6GB)

This link will open a QuickTime video of Rita Owens "Conversation" with the CSS Group on May. 14, 2013. Rita is the Executive Director of BC's Academic Technology group.