So what other kinds of projects have you been involved with here at BC?

I installed the NCAA compliance tracking and reporting software for the Athletics office and rewrote existing systems to interface with the new system.

I designed and created an application that allowed Student Services to model and award the financial aid to incoming freshman. This system was much more flexible than the old system and was written from the ground up to support the Student Services workflow. It allowed Student Services staff to play around with different scenarios without involving IT staff.

I designed (and coded much of) BC's Web Payment application/system. Originally implemented as a way for parents to pay tuition online, I designed the application so that it could be used for any number of online payment transactions or systems.

I have applied PeopleSoft tax fixes and general maintenance upgrades.

In the past few years I have also worked on the new library system implementation, BC to external business partner file transmission systems and standards, Federal Financial Aid reporting systems, the Student Employment system, PayBase, the DataWarehouse project, and other PeopleSoft related tasks.

Non-Work Interests

My dozens of children keep me pretty busy on the weekends, with track, cheerleading, school dances and other "essential" activities.

I play guitar/bass and I dabble with keyboards, mandolin, and anything else with strings. I have more home recordings than I will ever have time to burn before the tapes decay.

I like eclectic movies, spicey food, and off-beat humor. I like web-design, but I am not very good at it. I spend much of my spare time dabbling in various web projects.

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