Informal seminar: Surfaces in four-manifolds and the lightbulb theorem

Organizers: Kyle Hayden, Siddhi Krishna, and Patrick Orson

Time and location: Th 11:00-12:00, Maloney 560

Description: There is a Google doc with a big list of possible topics located here.

Date Speaker Title
Sept 14 Patrick Orson Introduction
Sept 21 Patrick Orson Gropes
Sept 28 Clayton McDonald Diagrams for surfaces and knotted spheres
Oct 5 Melissa Zhang Branched covers of surfaces in 4-manifolds (Akbulut-Kirby)
Oct 12 Kyle Hayden Branched covers of surfaces in 4-manifolds, round 2
Oct 19 Kyle Hayden Distinguishing surfaces using π1 and intersection forms
Oct 26 - Nov 9 No seminar Hiatus for Baris Coskunzer's minicourse on minimal surfaces in 3-manifolds.
Nov 16 Patrick Orson The light bulb theorem, I
Nov 23 No seminar Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 30 Clayton McDonald The light bulb theorem, II
Dec 7 Clayton McDonald The light bulb theorem, III
*Bonus: Dec 7 *Hannah Schwartz (Bryn Mawr) *Speaker for G/T seminar
Dec 14 Siddhi Krishna Band connect sums

Some references (that will be updated/organized as we move forward):