Lance K. Tucker
Web Engineer
Boston College


Current Responsibilities:

 My focus is on e-commerce applications and technologies for Boston College. Initial work will be with the B.C. Bookstore and later other applications requiring e-commerce transactions.

 Also working with IBM to deliver new software, hardware and training to B.C. through a special CIO offering. This will introduce the WebSphere architecture to BC.

Past Accomplishments:

 I worked for Compaq for 12 years (actually Digital Equipment Corporation for 11 and Compaq for 1). I served as Webmaster for Digital ( for several years and was responsible for developing Intranet and Internet applications. Prior to Web life, I developed applications for the distributed the client/server eras. Other past work included developing information systems for the Department of Defense and the medical community. For fun, I built Web sites for an auction house and a local museum.


 I graduated from Tufts University with degrees in Civil Engineering and Philosophy. My wife Sheila and I have two daughters, Victoria and Emma. When not at home, I can usually be found at the tennis courts, golf course, or at some auction hoping to buy something I can't afford.