The Lowery Lab                Biology Department at Boston College
Accurate axon guidance is absolutely essential
to the development and function of the nervous
system, and abnormalities in neural connectivity
are associated with a multitude of neuro-
developmental disorders. 

The long-term goal of our lab is to understand
the cell biological mechanisms by which the
embryonic growth cone coordinates multiple
sources of guidance information in order to
steer in the right direction. 

Our research utilizes high-resolution live imaging
and computational analysis of cytoskeletal
behavior in cultured
Xenopus laevis neurons
to address this goal.

Welcome to the Lowery Lab website! The lab in Higgins 430 "officially" opened in January 2014, when Laura Anne began her position as an Assistant Professor here at BC. We currently have a busy and enthusiastic crew here as we get our research off the ground.

November 17, 2015:
Congratulations to Patrick Ebbert for acceptance to Hofstra Medical School for their MD program!

November 13, 2015:
  Our very own Beth Bearce was highlighted in a Boston College promotional video produced by the Office of News and Public Affairs.  The video is titled "Ever to Excel: The Power of Resilience".  Watch it here!  My favorite parts are: 1:05-1:14, 1:36-1:44 (especially 1:40), 2:08-2:18 (note Beth's dramatic blinking), 2:45-2:50, 3:22-3:24, 3:51-3:55.

November 3, 2015:
The Lowery Lab is excited to find out that we received a 3.0 percentile score on our R01 application.  It looks like we will be receiving our first R01 in 2016, from the National Institute of Mental Health!

November 2, 2015:
Laura Anne presents a talk at McGill University for their Molecular Seminar series. Thanks to host, Gary Brouhard, for a great visit!

October 18 - 21, 2015:
Laura Anne attends and presents a poster at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL.

October 15, 2015:
Laura Anne presents a talk at Stony Brook University for their Biochemistry and Cell Biology Department Seminar series. Thanks to host, David Matus, for a great visit!

October 2, 2015:
Our collaborator's paper, "Compartmentalized Toxoplasma EB1 bundles spindle microtubules to secure accurate chromosome segregation", was just accepted to Molecular Biology of the Cell. Congrats to Patrick and Belinda for doing the Xenopus work for this paper, and thanks to Chun-Ti (post-doc in the Gubbels lab) and MJ Gubbels for inviting us to be a part of this interesting story.

September 28 - October 1, 2015:
Laura Anne attends and presents a talk at the Xenopus PI Meeting, which she co-organized along with Marko Horb and Brian Mitchell, at Woods Hole, MA.
September 25, 2015:
Congratulations to our undergrad, Erin Rutherford, for receiving an ASCB Travel Award to attend the cell bio meeting in San Diego in December to present her work.

September 18, 2015:
Laura Anne presents a talk at Albert Einstein College of Medicine for the Department of Physiology and Biophysics Seminar series. Thanks to host, David Sharp, for a great visit!

September 14, 2015:
The lab welcomes new undergraduates Laurie Hayrapetian, Eric Lee, Kelly Hawkins, and Jessica Tiber!

July 31, 2015:
The Lowery Lab holds its 3rd annual Lab Retreat. 

July 28, 2015:
Congrats to our undergrad, Andrew Francl, for being accepted into the NIH-funded Computational Image Analysis in Cellular and Developmental Biology Course at Woods Hole, to be held in October.

July 19 - 23, 2015:
Laura Anne attends and presents a poster at the Motile and Contractile Systems Gordon Conference.

June 15, 2015:
Our first review paper, "TIPsy tour guides: How microtubule plus-end tracking proteins (+TIPs) facilitate axon guidance" was officially accepted to Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. Congrats to Beth for spearheading this project, along with Burcu for her important contributions!

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Last updated: 11/18/2015

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