Accurate axon guidance is absolutely essential
to the development and function of the nervous
system, and abnormalities in neural connectivity
are associated with a multitude of neuro-
developmental disorders. 

The long-term goal of our lab is to understand
the cell biological mechanisms by which the
embryonic growth cone coordinates multiple
sources of guidance information in order to
steer in the right direction. 

Our research utilizes high-resolution live imaging
and computational analysis of cytoskeletal
behavior in cultured
Xenopus laevis neurons
to address this goal.

December 2, 2017: Many members of the Lowery Lab attended ASCB in Philadelphia.  Beth, Burcu, Garrett, Micaela, Paula, Ali, Ben, and Eric all presented posters.  Burcu and Paula also gave fantastic talks!  Laura Anne co-chaired a Neuronal Cytoskeleton Subgroup Session for the 3rd year in a row.

November 2017:
  The Lowery Lab welcomes our newest undergraduates, Luke Murphy and Eric Snow!

Sept 19, 2017:
Laura Anne presented her tenure talk for the Department of Biology at Boston College!  Thanks to everyone who attended!

September 12, 2017:
The lab welcomes new undergraduates Jessica Bolduc and Mitchell Lavoie!

Aug 26-29, 2017:
Laura Anne presents a talk at the Xenopus Emerging Technologies and Resource Meeting at MBL, Woods Hole.  Post-doc Paula Slater also attends this great meeting!

Aug 23-25, 2017:
Laura Anne is a faculty "sweep" at the BC Halftime Retreat at the Connors Retreat Center in Dover, MA.

Aug 21-22, 2017:
Post-doc Paula Slater and PhD student Micaela Lasser both present talks at the BC Biology Dept Retreat at the Connors Retreat Center in Dover, MA.

Aug 20-22, 2017:
Laura Anne is a guest faculty instructor at the Xenopus Imaging Workshop at the National Xenopus Resource center at MBL, Woods Hole, MA.  PhD student Beth also is a TA for the course for the entire week.

July 30-Aug 3, 2017:
Laura Anne and Beth attend and present posters at the Gordon Conference on Motile and Contractile Systems at Colby-Sawyer College, NH.

July 28, 2017:
Laura Anne has been appointed the ASCB Ambassador to Boston College.

July 14-16, 2017:
Laura Anne attends the Society of Developmental Biology Meeting in Minneapolis.  It was a great conference with lots of amazing science!

July 11, 2017:
Laura Anne presents a research seminar at University of Minnesota. Thanks to host, Gant Luxton, for a great visit!

June 28, 2017:
The Lowery Lab holds its 5th Annual Lab Retreat!  

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Welcome to the Lowery Lab website! 
The lab in Higgins 430 officially opened in January 2014,
when Laura Anne began her position as an Assistant Professor in Biology here at BC. 
We currently have a busy and enthusiastic crew working
on many exciting research projects, ranging from microtubule dynamics in axon guidance to craniofacial development
to cancer metastasis.  We are funded by the NIH,
American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, and NSF.
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Funding for this research has been provided by
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